Elemental Elves

An Alternative Character Race


  • The Elemental Elf
  • Skill Based System Package
  • Minimum Phys-Rep
  • Dispel Effect
  • Extension Effect
  • Elves By Element
  • Examples of Spell Effects
  • The Elemental Elf

    The origin of the elemental elves is remembered from the times before histories began, from the age of legend. In this time the elves were held in bondage by the Dragon Lords. How they escaped their bondage and how the Dragon Lords were cast out of this realm is not told, but as part of the struggle the elves gave up their spirits to the Elemental Lords. The missing life force was replaced with elemental nature and the elves took on physical manifestations of the element that gave them life’. The elemental nature changed the elves and bitter division grew between the different elements. This division lives on today, for it is more than a political or religious difference. It goes to the very core of what makes them alive.


    Skill Based System Package

    Elemental Elf (20)

    This package can only be bought during character creation.  It confers the following effects:


  • Character begins with 1 fewer hit per limb.
  • Character has +1 DAC (This is Combat Reflexes DAC)
  • The instant an elf dies, the body is reduced to the element which formed it (i.e. a flash of light, pool of water, mound of soil, etc.)
  • Damage with the Cold Iron descriptor is increased by two degrees against elemental elves.
  • Damage with the descriptor that matches the element of the elf causes half effect.
  • Damage with the descriptor that is opposed to the element of the elf causes double effect.
  • Spirit

  • Only receive half benefit and half duration from beneficial spiritual effects.
  • Only take half damage or half duration from harmful spiritual effects.
  • "Detect spirit", "Rec Nature of Spirit", etc. does not give a meaningful result.
  • Miracles such as "Communication I and II", "Talk to spirit", "Question Spirit" etc. have no effect.
  • Immune to spiritual Disease and Paralysis.
  • Take half-effect from Blesses and Curses.
  • Elemental Elves count as two people in battlegroups.
  • Elemental Elves cannot have miracles bestowed on them.
  • May not buy Spiritual Favour or any other spiritual skills.
  • Magic

  • Beneficial non-damaging spells of same element affecting the elf have double duration.
  • Beneficial non-damaging spells of opposite element affecting the elf have half effect and duration.
  • Harmful non-damaging spells of same element affecting the elf have half effect and duration.
  • Harmful non-damaging spells of opposite element affecting the elf have double effect and duration.
  • Cannot learn elemental lore of opposing element.
  • The elf counts as having +1 level of elemental skill, to a minimum of one, for casting their own element’s spells only.
  • Dispels and Extensions effect the Elf, as below.
  • Special ability based on type of elemental elf, as below.
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    Minimum Phys-Rep

    Obvious swirls of the colour described below on the face, depending on elemental elf type. Pointed eartips, or concealed eartips.

  • Quenya : White
  • Aerokin : Blue
  • Pyrokin : Red
  • Nixie : Green
  • Tomten : Orange
  • Drow : Purple
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    Dispel Effect

    If the elf had any spells up (including cantrips) then only the spells which are the same or lower level than the dispel are dispelled.

    If the elf had no spells up, then the elf takes as many points of damage to the torso as half the level of the dispel (rounding down) Note that this causes hitpoint damage and is not stopped by any form of armour.

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    Extension Effect

    Since Elves are tied to the planes of magic, they are healed by Extensions as follows:

    Extension Spell


    Extension I

    Healed 1 hit in any location

    Extension II

    Healed 2 hits in any locations

    Extension III

    Healed 4 hits in any locations

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    Elves by Element


    Elf Type




























    May glow at will, providing visibility for a few feet and making themselves easily visible. (This ability must be phys repped)


    Have no scent.


    May sustain themselves on inorganic material. (This does not allow them to chew diamonds but merely sustain themselves on anything they can fit down their throat)


    Take half damage from falling


    Can breathe underwater


    Can start a fire at will under most circumstances. This takes one minute in good conditions to five minutes or so in the rain.

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    Example of Spell Effects

    'Plate (Self)'/'Plate (Other)' will last for ten minutes on Nixie, two and a half minutes for Pyrokin and five minutes for all other Elf types. Its effect is not doubled for Nixie.

    'Imbue Weapon with [Element]' will last for five minutes (it is not dependent on the caster's race) but will do double damage against opposing Elemental Elves.

    'Glimmer' will affect Quenya for six seconds and Drow for 1 second.

    'Blindness' will affect Drow for two and a half minutes, even if cast by a Drow.

    'Phase (Self)/Phase (Other)' will affect Tomten for only two and a half minutes.

    'Disrupt' will do 3 hits to the torso of a Pyrokin, and 14 hits to the torso of a Nixie.

    A Pyrokin summoning a small Salamander and casting 'Protection from Fire' will be protected against fire for ten minutes. However, the Salamander will only be around for five minutes.

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