DomainSecond LevelThird LevelFourth LevelFifth LevelSixth LevelSeventh LevelEighth Level
Anti-DemonDismiss Demon 2 Cone Dismiss Demon 2 (cone) Dismiss Demon 4 Cone Dismiss Demon 4 (cone) Dismiss Demon 6 Cone Dismiss Demon 6 (cone) Vanquish Demon
Anti-UndeadDismiss Undead 2 Cone Dismiss Undead 2 (cone) Group Undeath Bane Dismiss Undead 5 Cone Dismiss Undead 5 (cone) Group Greater Undeath Bane Destroy Vampire
DebilitationWither Weakness Cause Disease Cause Pestilence Cone Weakness (cone) Cause Paralysis Flesh to Stone
DivinationSpirit Sight Talk to Spirit Identify Lie Question Spirit Communication 1 Discern Truth Communication 2
HarmingHarm 2 Harm 2 (Range) Blessed Weapons Harm 6 Harm 6 (Range) Group Blessed Weapon Touch of Death
HealingHeal 2 Lay on Hands 4 Group Heal 2 Heal 6 Lay on Hands 7 Heal Sufficient Group Heal 4
Mind ControlBefriend Halt Forget Cause Fear Berserk Beguile Mind Crush
NecromancyRaise Undead 2 Raise Undead 3 Raise Undead 4 Raise Undead 5 Create Wight Raise Undead 6 Raise Undead 7
ProtectionSpirit Armour 3 Spirit Defence Group Spirit Armour 3 Group Spirit Defence Sanctuary Group Spirit Armour 5 Group Sanctuary
RestorationCure Disease Purge Mass Cure Paralysis Group Purge Regeneration Death Ward Resurrection
WardingMinor Ward of Power Mental Shield Major Ward of Power Group Mental Shield Protection from Spirits Shield of Faith Exorcism
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