Demonology Skills

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Demonology (12xp)
Required for: Diablerie;

After extensive study, training, and delving into gruesome secrets, the student learns the basic tenets of demonology: knowledge of the names of the Demon Princes, knowledge of the basic theory of the nature of demons, the ability to Recognise Demon (3” range). Only the user gains the results of this call IC.

Please inform the ref team that you are purchasing this skill before your next session of play, this is to allow them to send you a copy of the Demonology brief.


Diablerie (11xp)
Requires: Demonology
Required for: Rite of Sacrifice; Rite of Clarity; Rite of Will; Rite of the Sword; The Final Rite;

Diablerie is the actual skill used to summon demons. It allows the demonologist the loosest of ideas on how to summon a demon, how to bind a demon, and how to bargain with the demon. The higher the level of diablerie, the more powerful the demon that can be summoned and the more chance of success he has in summoning a lesser demon (common demons are measured in “circles” from 1 to 8. The higher the circle, the more powerful the demon and the harder it is to control).

To gain a level of this skill, the character must have successfully summoned and bargained with a demon of the circle equal to the level of diablerie sought.

May not be bought above level.

This skill may be bought in ascending levels [to level VIII].


Rite of Sacrifice (5xp)
Requires: Diablerie I

The diablerist has learned how to properly prepare sacrifices so the demons enjoy them more, and gets a better reaction from summoned and bound demons.


Rite of Clarity (5xp)
Requires: Diablerie II

The diablerist can Recognise Demons with a 30’ range. Only the user gains the results of this call IC.


Rite of the Sword (15xp)
Requires: Diablerie IV

The diablerist has learned to recognise the weaknesses of those who appear strong. They may call “through,” “magic,” or “spirit” damage against anything identified as a demon using rec. demon, detect demon, detect creature or another skill approved by the refs for this purpose, whether this be due to item, possession or simply being a demon.


Rite of Will (15xp)
Requires: Diablerie VI

The diablerist has become hardened to demonic machinations, and can answer Divination miracles of level 5 or lower as he sees fit.
These miracles are Spirit Sight, Talk to Spirit, Detect Lie and Question Spirit.


The Final Rite (20xp)
Requires: Diablerie VIII

The diablerist has learned the final secret of the First Diablerist. See a ref.