Ritual Science, by Tom Hinds

This was a triumph.
Iím making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
Itís hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Ritual Science
We do what we must
because we can.
For the good of all of us
to save the gods who are dead.
But thereís no sense crying over everyone's pain,
'cos it doesn't matter how much spirit you drain
And the Ritual gets done
And you build a Pantheon
For the gods who will be still alive.

They shouldn't be angry.
They know that it's really for the best
Even though we took their souls
and shinies.
And tore them to pieces.
And used every piece to fuel the power.
As they died it hurt because they were so happy for us!
Now there's an eldritch symbol drawn in hasty chalk lines
And we're off to "practice"
'cos we don't have much time
And the Torch is still alight
and we read our lines alright
and the old gods will be still alive!

Leave me alone now...
I'm trying to cope with lots of prayers.
Maybe youíll find someone else to help you
with all your new problems.
Anyway, this power is great.
Itís awesome being a god.
Look at me still talking!
Thereís ascending to do.
This abrupt explosion makes me glad Iím not you.
Now I've chanted my last chant
I've got miracles to grant
To the people who are still alive.
And believe me I am still alive!
Iím Geomantic and Iím still alive!
I exploded and Iím still alive!
While youíre dying Iíll be still alive.
And when youíre dead I will be still alive.