There are so many ways to get involved with the JCR:


If you are interested in JCR politics, joining a JCR committee is a great way of getting to know things about what’s going on. And don’t just get turned off by the word politics – you can make a real difference to college life by getting involved; whether it’s Social Committee or Steering Committee, we want YOUR input.

Most committees are elected at the start of Michaelmas term and you submit a 50 word manifesto. Some committees like DUCK Comm are more open, and you can just sign up and go to meetings.

Joining a committee or two is great experience if you might be interested in standing for one of the bigger elected positions, though of course it’s not necessary to do so.

You can find information about all committees here.

JCR meetings and voting

We have roughly 2 JCR meetings a term, and they are a great way to make your opinion count.  We discuss important issues that will affect the running of college and your student experience, so it’s vital you come along!

We also hold elections for the different committee positions. Even if you don’t want to stand for something,
you’ll often find you know the people standing for elections. It’s always worth taking a few minutes to read the manifestos and vote!

JCR meetings are a great time to get together with friends after a long week too – they are held in the bar, the social hub of the college.

See FAQs for more information.

Elected Positions

From Epiphany Term onwards, there are loads of elected JCR positions if you want to get more involved the running of college life. You can stand for things like Music Rep., IT Chair, Sports Rep and many more. You can even be a student trustee of the JCR.

These are all listed in the Constitution and an outline of each role is provided in the Job Descriptions.

With each elected position you’ll usually have to hust and submit a manifesto so that everyone can decide how to vote. There are also twelve people who sit on the Executive Committee (Exec) who are responsible for most things going on around college and usually live in college. These positions typically go to people entering their final year, but that hasn’t stopped first years going for them sometimes too!

The Exec have to submit a manifesto and hust as well, but they also will come round and canvass you before the voting opens to both tell you why you should vote for them and to hear your opinions.

Sports Teams

 We’re not just the musical college! In Trevs, we have a whole load of sports teams, all you need to do to join a sports team is sign up in freshers’ week or contact the team captain directly.You can find information on them here.



We have a whole load of other societies catering for nearly everything from music, drama, arts and more!You join societies in the same way as sports teams: you simply need to contact the head of the society to get involved or sign up in freshers’ week.

A list of Trevs societies can be found here.


Missing something?

Perhaps the best part about the JCR system is that any JCR member can set a society up, and even receive funding from the JCR to purchase the required materials.  The JCR is all about facilitating you!