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The reason you’re even in Durham at all is to study and at Trevs, there are plenty of people to help you with your degree; whether it’s just a question about an assignment or more serious circumstances.

Academic Families

Every student is allocated an ‘academic family’ when they arrive in Trevs. These consist of other people in your year and a few older students, all of whom study the same subject. It’s a good chance to get to know some students in a different year group and you can ask questions about your course


Check back soon for a list of the Academic Parents for 2015/16!


The academic parents for 2014/2015 were:


Sinéad Longden

Theresa Constable Maxwell



Catherine Harvey

Rachel Frame


Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Alex Brown

Jono Tiffany

Lucy Brown

Joy Nunn



Emma Simpson

Ellie Barber



Charlotte Payne


Computer Science

Freddie Ridell

Rob Johnson



Ayoosh Chaudhary

Linh Tran

Education Studies

Sarah Thomas
Education Studies with Psychology

Susan Lavelle
Education Studies with Theology



Guy Harland

Olli Milton

Rob Noakes

Ronald Dadds



Bekah Coomber

Sophie Jansz


Geography (Human)

Elena Wilson

Lucinda Hill

James Todd



Geography (Physical)

Angus Smith

Jessie Fieth

Will Booker



Ross Findlay

Sam Graham

Joe Stanton*
Combined Arts – History, French & Classics

Hannah Fitzpatrick

Jelly Cleaver

Ellie Chatterton



Jake Perryman

Mark Pugh

Ryan Martin

Megan Crowther



Bridget Shepherd

Daniel Morris*
Natural Science – Maths & Geology

Adam Richardson

Luke Burford


Modern Languages

Alba Elliott*
Combined Arts – French, German & English

Katie Lang
French & Arabic

Claire Ewbank
French & German

Matt Hogarth
French, Spanish & Italian

Lily Kitchen
French & Spanish

Issy Sawkins
French, Russian & Italian



Enya Doyle

Sorrel Brown



Sam Ball*
Combined Arts – Philosophy & Sociology

Hannah Gwyther
Philosophy & Theology



Ben Jones*
Natural Science – Physics & Computer Science

Jack Winterburn

Jade Watt

Khai Lee

Sarah Goodband

Eilidh Avison


Politics and International Relations

Cora Sweet
Poltics & Philosophy

Chris Speed
International Relations



Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Katya Lambert



Becki Cornes

Chloe Broom


Sociology and Criminology


Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity

Christina Feeney

Will Moulton



Lloyd Brown

Lucy Ramjiawan



If you have any questions or comments about the academic families, send an email to either of the JCR Welfare Officers; Adam ( and Katie (