From Football to Climbing to Muggle Quidditch, Trevs has a sport for everyone.

Men’s Football

Captain: Ben Kerawala


B Team Captain: Seb Kriticos


Men’s Football is one of the largest clubs in college. Our three teams offer football at all levels, so, whether you’re experienced footballer or just up for a kick about, TCFC is for you. Players are offered the opportunity to play regular cup competitions and 6-a-side matches, or to just come along to training if interested in a light-hearted kickabout every now and again. Training usually happens on a Wednesday afternoon with a fitness session one night a week and matches on a Saturday or Sunday. We hold regular socials and have an annual tour somewhere inEurope.

Women’s Football

Captain:Harriet Plows


This is the best team to join if you are a girl and like sports. We do astoundingly well for a team that includes people that have not played much before, as well as some girls who also play at uni level. We have training once a week with regular socials. We’re losing a few key players at the end of this season so would love lots of new players of any ability to join us.

Men’s Rugby

Captain: Archie Hammond


Trev’s Men’s Rugby Club is one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the college. It provides regular fitness and training sessions every week and (weather permitting) matches most weekends. There is also an organised social side with a social every other week during the first two terms. The rugby club is great for those wanting to keep fit during the winter, those who want to try out a new sport or those wanting to continue rugby but don’t want the intensity that DURFC provides. Rugby is perfect for those who want to play competitive sport and have a lot fun at the same time.


Women’s Rugby

Captain: Ellie Tait


Trevs Women’s Rugby combines the fun of socials with a bit of sport and we even occasionally manage to win some matches, despite most of us having never touched a rugby ball before! Our socials are the envy of the other sports teams and the annual tour is always memorable; past destinations include Amsterdam,Prague and Malaga. We train twice a week; it is a good workout and lots of fun for all, even when soaking wet and covered in mud! We lost a lot of our experienced players a few years ago so everyone is welcome to join and rebuild our team!

Men’s Basketball

Captain: Jonathon Chan


Fresh off a perfect season of dominating Durham’s college basketball scene and securing promotion to the premiership, Trevelyan College’s reigning ‘Team of the Year’ is looking forward to bashing heads in the top flight of college basketball. Basketball is the fastest growing sport in the world. It offers fantastic exercise, fast-paced team play and a safe haven from the freezing, muddy fields of Durham during the autumn and winter months. We are always looking to get as many as possible involved. Whether you’re playing at a university level, or you’re just looking to try something new at Trevs, drop me an email and I’ll let you know how to get involved. Practice is once a week, with optional fitness sessions, and with games at Maiden Castle every other weekend. Don’t miss out!

Women’s Basketball

Captain: Sarah Collins

Women’s basketball this year have been highly successful, at the moment being second in the league, which is a big thing for a small college! You don’t need experience to play (or even height!) just enthusiasm. We aim to have fun whilst improving and welcome all skill levels. Practice is once or twice a week with matches spread out over the first two terms.

Ultimate Frisbee,

Captains: Adam Jarvis (A) and Alex Durk (B)

Trevs Ultimate Frisbee provides everyone with a chance to play the most amazing sport in a friendly environment. The society welcomes newcomers at any time; almost everyone hasn’t played before coming to university. We balance competitiveness with good nature, which is why our two teams are near the top of the spirit league. We have a team in both of the collegiate leagues so whether you’re an athlete looking for an exciting new sport or want to have some casual fun and make new friends then ultimate’s for you! See our facebook page here:

Table Tennis

Captains: Michael Tynan and Ollie Bartlett

Contact: or

Trevelyan college table tennis aims to allow students to play table tennis once a week where they will be trained or just have a knock about. There will also be matches every so often against the other colleges. The club has performed very well in recent years, winning the 2011/2012 season and coming second in the 2012/2013 season.

Trevelyan College Boat Club

Captain:Laurie EdwardsContact:



Trevelyan College Boat Club is open to all members of college; indeed most people join having never rowed before. Training is
generally a few times per week, and we aim to enter as many events as possible throughout the year, but if you don’t want to take it too seriously then there is room for that too! Rowing is a great team sport and our socials are renowned throughout Trevs. You don’t have to be the next Sir Steve Redgrave, or even be particularly strong, and early mornings are generally completely avoided! Check out our website here:


Captains: Alastair Poole and Harriet Plows


Trevs squash club doesn’t take itself too seriously. We welcome men and women of all standards and meet every week during the Michaelmas and Easter terms. We compete in the inter-college league and have been successful in 2012, narrowly missing promotion. Whether you’ve played before or are keen to try something new, come along and you’re guaranteed to have a good time and meet some new people. One of the greatest advantages of squash is that it is not weather-dependant, so while all your friends are complaining that their matches or practice sessions have been cancelled due to bad weather, you can be assured that squash will still be on.


Captain: Tom Ferguson


Being part of college pool at Trevs is a great way to combine competition with an opportunity to be sociable and meet new people. Trevs prides itself on having 6 teams, each team playing once a week. The number of teams means that an entire range of abilities is catered for. Keen players will find the top divisions a welcome challenge, whereas for the relative novice there is the chance to learn the game (and maybe even get a free beer!) Pool can be a big part of Trevs life without being too much of a work distraction, so why not get involved?


Captains: Katie Watson (A Team) and Steph Carter (B Team)

Contact: or

Trevs Netball is the largest all-female society. We have two teams that are entered into a league, and cater for all standards. Some of our players have previously played at university level, whereas others hadn’t played netball before at all.

Our A Team has just been promoted into the Premiership league, and our B Team is in division 2. We meet on a weekly basis, Wednesday 2-3 on the courts outside, and matches are usually on weekends.

Netball is a great social sport. We have a lot of fun on our socials, which usually have an array of themes (a personal favourite was ‘things you find in your garden’). It’s an excellent way to bond as a team and mix year groups.

People are welcome to join us throughout the year for training and matches!


Captain: Chris Duncan


At Trevs we’re lucky to have our own tennis court, so there’s an opportunity to play all year round. There’s a practice every week, usually on Saturdays, for players of all standards. These consist of drills, games and practice doubles matches so that by the summer term, when matches are played, we have a good team to beat the other colleges!

For those who are more competitive, going to Trevs tennis means you can meet likeminded individuals and organise matches outside of practices. But above all, Trevs tennis is fun!


Captain: Lucy Twine


Trevs Cheerleading Squad is a friendly and energetic group which meets twice a week to practice stunts, cheers, tumbling and dances. We also work on fitness training and core strength in a relaxed environment that welcomes all abilities. We learn and perform routines for intercollegiate cheer competitions, in support of Trevs sports teams and on Trevs Day. We have great socials and a really infectious team spirit. Cheerleading is amazing fun and a really great way to make friends.


Mixed Lacrosse

Co Captains: Anna Williams and Helen Bench

Contact: and

Lacrosse at college level is played in mixed teams with training every week and at least 6 matches a season. The season culminates in the Festival of Sport in the post-exam period. Most members sign-up as complete beginners although we do have some more experienced players so all abilities are welcome and encouraged! This is a really social club with at least 2 socials a term including the Sportsman’s Ball. We are always keen for new members throughout the year so please get in touch with the captains if you are interested. The new season looks promising with new sticks eager to be worn in. We are looking for enthusiastic members to help us fulfill the lacrosse team’s full potential.

Men’s and Women’s Badminton

President: Vicky Robbins


Trevs is one of the luckiest colleges because we have our own court in the Jimmy Knott Hall just beside college. We will be aiming to have 2 practice sessions a week which are informal, flexible, fun and cater for players of all abilities. We also have a team competing in the college leagues for those who want to play more seriously so come sign up at the Freshers’ Fair!

Men’s Hockey

Captain: Alex Thompson


Despite not being in the premiership, we have a promising squad which desperately needs some new additions to help us push for promotion to the top flight! Whether experienced or a complete beginner, we want you! We play games virtually every week during the winter so there is plenty of pitch time for everybody.  Get in contact if you’re interested or have any questions!

Women’s Hockey

Captain: Stephanie Carter


Trevs Women’s Hockey has one team who train once a week (Friday evenings, Maiden Castle) with matches most weekends. We’re a friendly side who cater to all standards and so we encourage those who fancy picking up a stick for the very first time or who enjoy competitive hockey without as much commitment as DUHC expect. Frequent socials are a good opportunity to mix with different year groups from the team. They are held throughout the year and are always a hoot. We’re constantly on the search for new players, so feel free to come along to our training sessions or drop an email to the above address.


President: Alex Durk



Trevs Climbing is a small bunch of friendly people who share a common interest in doing something a bit different and getting out of the Durham bubble. Whether you are an experienced climber or have barely done anything more that climb the stairs – everyone is welcome! We usually meet once a week at the local bouldering (Durham Climbing Centre – DCC) centre just outside of Durham. We also run several trips a term to the Newcastle Climbing Centre where we can do some top ropes and lead climbing. Please come along and give it a go…even if it is just once!


Chairman: Nick Cooper


The croquet club meets irregularly during the sunnier months (although occasionally we play snowquet in winter) for relaxing and moderately competitive games. We aim to have an ample supply of Pimms, wine, gin and other refreshments (including soft drinks) at every meeting. Membership is open to members of all common rooms and we highly encourage you to join us after exams when we will semi-permanently colonise an area of the back lawn. Croquet whites or morning dress encouraged but not required.



Captain: Archie Hammond



Trevs cricket club is a great place for those wanting to enjoy competitive cricket without the intensity of university standards. It accommodates for all standards and is a great place for those who want to try the sport for the first but yet still provides challenges for the more experienced cricketer. There are nets in the winter and in the summer. Indoor games during the winter and outdoor 20 over games in the summer, as well as a few laid back bbq socials making cricket a great way to enjoy Durham’s summer.

Trevelyan College Martial Arts Society

CaptainAdam Thompson


TCMA is Trevs’ newest sports society! We practice a modern form of self defence, where training is based around the law and centred on realistic situations. Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist, a complete newcomer looking to try something different or just someone who wants to keep fit and stay safe, come down to our weekly training sessions in the JKH and give it a go!



Muggle Quidditch

President: Chloe Watson


Trevs Quidditch Team brings the magic of the Harry Potter world to our Muggle lives, providing everyone with a chance to play the most awesome sport in a friendly environment. Quidditch is a new sport that is rapidly sweeping the world, with its fast pace and athleticism mixed with the sports fun and laid back attitude providing something for everyone. We welcome all newcomers and all abilities, with the expectation that very few people will have played before. So whether you’re a serious sportsperson looking for an interesting new sport or just want to have some laid back fun and make new friends then Quidditch is for you!


President: Louise collins


‘Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge’. Dodgeball society is new this year! Therefore we want as many members as possible, and it makes no difference whether you have never played, or if you are a dodgeball pro. This society is relaxed and friendly, but competitiveness is always welcome! As there is currently no college league for this amazing sport, we’ll be playing between ourselves, but we’ll do our best to organise some matches outside of Trevs. Our social sec Grace is a big name on campus, so come along to our first practice and we promise you won’t regret it.