Last MCR Formal – 29th of May

The final MCR Formal of this academic year is scheduled for the 29th of May. It’s going to be a bit of a special night, with some great food, a photo booth and a Bar night. Better still, we’ll have our very own MCR ‘Oscar’ awards! We have ten awards to give out to members of our MCR and you all get to decide who gets them:

1. The MCR Nobel Prize Award
To be awarded to a member of the MCR that you believe could well actually win the Nobel Prize. The smartest of them all, the Sheldon Cooper among us, the true Theory of Everything – cast your votes for Trevelyan College’s very own Brian Cox

2. The MCR Lifetime Drinking Achievement Award
This person will have graced the bar religiously, never turned down a pub crawl, Mangler or an impromptu outing to Klute, and more importantly, would have provided us with all-round entertainment throughout the year!

3. The MCR Happiest Person to Grace Our Existence Award
Among us, there is a person that has been consistently kind and caring throughout the year, never seen with a frown on their face, or crying into their potatoes at dinner, who has always been happy to help whatever the Durham weather! It’s time they got a shout out! Tell us who you think should be given a much-deserved pat on the back!

4. The MCR Evil Overlord Award
However, there must be a balance between good and evil, because also among us there is a villain waiting to be unleashed onto the world after graduation, who’s mastermind plans for takeover exceed their skills in any game of Monopoly. The next Mr Burns, the next Randal from Recess…cast your votes for the MCR’s Evil Overlord!

5. The MCR’s Vogue Award
Who’s been strutting their stuff down those tiny corridors? Who’s got fashion down better than Kate Moss herself? Who can snap up an outfit that defies Gok Wan and everything he stands for? We’ve got two awards to be given out to the MCR’s best dressed guy and girl, so tell us who you think ought to be applauded for their impeccable fashion sense!

6. The MCR’s Moves Like Jagger Award
This will be a tough one to pick, as our MCR is full of toe-tapping, finger-snapping, shimmy-shaking groovers, but who do you think deserves to be awarded for their astonishing dance moves? Ladies and gentlemen, cast your votes for the MCR’s Billy Eliot. Please note, whoever wins this MUST give us a wiggle upon receiving their award!
The MCR’s Olympic Gold Medal Award

Is there a Jessica Ennis or Mo Farrah among us? Who’s got the muscles to put body builders to shame, and the stamina to outrun Usain Bolt? Is there an MCR member that defies Bro Science? Ok, maybe not just the muscles, but who do you think is Olympian of our MCR?

7. The MCR’s Beethoven’s Prodigy Award
This person could be the next Bob Dylan, or maybe even Niall’s replacement in One Direction…out of all the musical prodigies of our talented MCR, be it a songbird, or Jimi Hendrix’s arch nemesis, who do you believe should be awarded for their undeniably fantastic musical skills?

8. The MCR’s Comedy Dave Award
Be it with their unfaltering wit, cynicism or just sheer hilarity, who’s the guy or girl that can always bring you up when you’re down? Again, a tough category – as our MCR is rammed with comedy geniuses, but there can only be one! So get voting for who you believe should get a rousing round of applause for their astounding humour!

9. The MCR’s Lifetime Achievement Award
The last award to be given to a member of our MCR who has not only been a real busybody when it comes to doing things for our MCR, but who also been a fantastic person all round. Not to be confused with the Happiest Person to Grace Our Existence award – as we all know things can be very tough when it comes to postgraduate life! Who do you think deserves to be commended for their Trevs achievements? The Leonardo Di Caprio of Trevelyan, it’s time to get the Oscar you’ve been waiting for!

Even if you cannot make it to the meal, we urge you to nominate people for the different categories using this link:

The menu for this night is:

To start:

Deep fried brie with a light pink grapefruit, pine nut and cranberry salad

And then:

Char Grilled Rump Steak with posh chunky chips and peppercorn sauce

Vegetarian Option: Char grilled Mediterranean vegetables with a sweet pea, butternut squash and sage risotto, finished Grana Padana and Chive Butter


Salted caramel chocolate brownie with malteaser ice cream

Please note that this formal will be gowned as it is our last one. The cost will be £10 for livers in, and £12 for livers out. Guests are welcome, but please email Olivia ( first to check there are enough spaces available. Please sign-up for this formal (before midday on the 26th of May) using this link:

We hope to see many of you there for our final formal!

What: Last MCR Formal
When: Friday 29th of May
Where: Trevs Dining Hall
Cost: £10 for livers in, and £12 for livers out
Dress code: Smart and gowned!


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Trevs Bar after exams – A message from Jen

The coffee bar will be CLOSED after this week – the last day of opening will be Friday 29th May. As a little present to you all to celebrate the end of exams, all crisps, chocolate and sweets will be reduced to 50p as of Monday – so come down and make the most of it!

There are plenty of events coming up after the exam period, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on the Trevs Bar Facebook and Twitter feeds :)

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SCR/MCR Cricket Match – 29th of May

The second outing this year of the Trevelyan College SCR/MCR Cricket Team wil be onn Friday the 29th of May. After an excellent performance against the University staff team, we now face Durham Sanctuary Knockers at the Durham City Cricket Club. Match starts at 5.45pm so come along and support your team. if you are interested in playing contact Jon Warren the SCR Vice-President.
What: SCR/MCR Cricket Match
When: 5.45pm, 29th of May
Where: Durham City Cricket Club

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Cake and Creativity – 28th of May

As some of you may have noticed, we have a brand new notice board in the Mowlam Room, which is currently still very empty… During our next Cake and cake this Thursday, we’ll continue to work on our MCR Summer calendar and other decorations for our notice boards, using our brand new MCR arts and crafts materials!

So please come along to the Mowlam room at 8pm for some cake and creativity! No need to be creative of course; if you come for the cake, that’s fine too!

What: Cake and Creativity
When: 28th May, 8pm
Where: Mowlam Room

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SCR BBQ – 26th of May

The SCR are having their annual BBQ in Trevs Quad this Tuesday. The event details are as follows:

When: 7-9pm, 26th of May
Where: Trevs Quad

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Swing Dancing – 25th of May

It’s the last Stress Less swing dancing social in the bar on Monday. Music will be on from 20:00-23:00, so come and have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere, or even have a go!

What: Swing Dancing
When: 25th of May, 8pm
Where: Trevs Bar

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The Importance of being Ernest – 8-13 June

The theatre Royal in Newcastle is putting on Oscar Wilde’s much loved play ‘The Importance of being Ernest’ between 8-13 June ( It’s an amazing play and we’d like to organise an MCR trip there, probably in the weekend. Tickets are sold from £14. If you’re interested in joining us, please email Martina by Friday the 22nd, so we can start sorting out dates and tickets (

What: Oscar Wilde’s ‘The importance of being Ernest’
When: 8-13 June
Where: Theatre Royal, Newcastle
Cost: tickets from £14

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Trevs Day Formal – 3rd of June

As you know, Trevs Day is on the 3rd June, and there will be a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed formal as well! I’m aware that some of you have already signed up through the JCR, if this is the case – please could you sign up through the MCR (below) and let me know if you’ve signed up twice, so you don’t end up having two places at the dinner!

The menu is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory bubble gum’ themed:

To Begin – Tomato Soup

Lightly roasted Tomatoes blended with cream and Basil served with warm bread

And Then – Roast Beef and Jacket Potatoes

Slow cooked beef cooked in a rich red wine jus with caramelized onions and baby mushrooms

Vegetarian – Char(lie)grilled Vegetable Risotto

All served with sea salt jacket potatoes and steamed greens

A sweet treat – Blueberry pie and cream

Rich all butter pastry filled with apples and blueberries and served with crème Anglaise

The formal is gowned, £4 for livers in and £6 for livers out. Sign up for the formal can be found here (deadline 22nd of May):

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Trevs Day Formal sign up – Deadline 22nd of May

On the 3rd of June it’s Trevs Day! The theme this year is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and in the evening ther’s a formal in style (see the MCR website for the menu). The formal is gowned, £4 for livers in and £6 for livers out. The dedline for signi up is this Friday and the sign-up sheet can be found here:

What: Trev’s Day formal
When: 3rd of June (deadline for sign-up 22nd of May)
Where: Trevs Dining Hall
Cost: £4 for livers in and £6 for livers out

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Whiskey tasting – 22nd of May

Love whisky and want to know more about it? Or still searching for the one for you and looking for a bit of guidance? On the 22nd May, Trevs Bar will be running a tasting session, with one of our very own college mentors, Phil Mackie. He will be taking us through a variety of whiskies, their histories, and their characters – some of which are readily available from behind the bar, and others which are slightly more special.

Tickets for the session will cost £20, and are strictly limited in availability. This is cheaper than buying all the drinks by themselves, and with the added bonus of Mr. Mackie’s considerable experience, promises to be well worth it!

You can reserve a place via email ( or buy your ticket from the bar as of tonight. If you have any questions, please post on the event wall.

What: Whiskey tasting
When: 8pm, 22nd of May
Where: SCR
Cost: £20

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