Debtors List

Could everyone on this list please pay Chris West, either before the St. Patrick’s Dinner on Friday, or else by placing a cheque in the MCR Pigeon hole. Thanks!


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St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

Even though St Patrick’s Day actually falls out of term time on the 17th March, we’ll be celebrating our own Paddy’s day before we officially break up. Therefore, you’re all invited to the MCR’s St Patrick’s Day dinner on Friday 13th March.
The menu consists of:


Leek and pearl barley broth with smoked bacon


Braised beef in Irish stout with colcannon mash, Channtennay carrots and minted peas


Root vegetable hot pot with crispy potato topping and Irish cheddar cheese
( Colcannon mash, Channtenay carrots, minted peas )


Chocolate and Bailey’s Liqueur Torte


Selection of Cheese with Biscuits

The dinner will be accompanied by our lovely music rep, Martina Diehl on the fiddle too!​

This will cost £7 for livers in/£9 for livers out.
The dinner will start at 7:15pm, and the bar will be open beforehand to get your drinks in before the dinner, and will be open again afterwards for some surprise entertainment.

Please note – you will not need to wear your gowns, but black tie is optional, just make sure you’re looking swish!

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JCR Handover Formal

This Thursday, the current JCR Exec is handing over to next year’s. They do so at the annual Handover Formal on Thursday the 12th. The menu is as follows:


Crispy camembert with baby leaf salad and cranberry jam


Rump of lamb, gratin potato, red wine and tarragon sauce

( Seasonal vegetable )


Provencal vegetable wellington, French beans and tomato confit


Dime bar pie with cream

Details for the event:

When: Bar opens at 6, doors open at 6:45 for a 7pm start.
Where: Dining Hall
Dress code: black tie
Cost:  £6.50 for livers in and £8.50 for livers out.

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Research Buffet – 10th of March

This Tuesday the second Research Buffet is taking place in the Dowrick Suite. The details for the event are as follows:

Speakers: Emily Winter, Hannah Blakemore and Kaity Ulewicz
When: 10th of March, 7pm
Where: Dowrick Suite
Price: 6/7.50 pounds (L/I L/O)
Dress code: Smart casual

Here are the abstracts for the talks:

Emily Winter, School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Characterising autumn and winter seaward movements of trout parr, Salmo trutta, in an English stream

The phenological plasticity of juvenile trout, Salmo trutta, emigration from an English stream is defined throughout autumn and winter using PIT telemetry, and makes preliminary comparison to patterns in Danish streams. Probability of downstream movement is shown to be strongly influenced by stream discharge This study exemplifies the life history flexibility of a key anadromous species.

Hannah Blakemore, Department of English Studies

The Fall of Man at the Fin de Siècle: The Emergence of the Male Victim in the Early Works of Richard Bernard Heldman

It is a peculiar thought that Richard Heldman’s novel The Beetle, which was published the same year as Dracula in 1897, initially outsold Bram Stoker’s vampire masterpiece. However, by 1960, The Beetle had disappeared from print, and Heldman, once hailed ‘the most popular living author’, had tumbled into obscurity. Although The Beetle has since reappeared, many of his stories remain lost. The purpose of this presentation is to offer why Heldman’s work is so unique, and should be republished and kindled in academic study.

The presentation will consider Heldman’s publications as significant social critiques of fin de siècle London. The most prominent theme of Heldman’s work is the extreme characterisation of gender. In general, men are sentimental, weak, and victimised by women, who in turn are conveyed as sexually rapacious and wicked. With Clive Bloom’s Victoria’s Madman and Fred Kaplan’s Sacred Tears, some research into the mental stability of the male victim exists. I hope to refresh such criticism, offering close readings of Heldman’s earliest and unexplored works. To gain an understanding of the nineteenth-century male feeling, I will compare Heldman’s texts to Ernest Belfort Bax’s essay ‘The Legal Subjection of Men’, which addresses ‘gynocentric chivalry and cultural misandry’.

Firstly, I will consult Heldman’s earliest novel Boxall School in comparison to his tales produced for the Union Jack weekly. I will demonstrate how Heldman used outbursts of emotion and close, “feminine” friendships between his young male characters in order to criticise the severe Victorian expectations of masculinity. I will also explore why such sentimental tales should be published in a paper that endeavored to instill ‘patriotism and gallantry’ in young male readers.

Lastly, I will discuss The Devil’s Diamond and The Beetle, considering the female preoccupation with Egyptology and Franz Anton Mesmer’s concept of ‘animal magnetism’ in the novels.

Kaity Ulewicz, Department of Archaeology

Looking at Isotopic Values in Women-Foetal Pairs

For my masters thesis, I plan on looking at mother-foetal pairs found in situ by comparing their isotopic values for ẟN15 and ẟC13. No research has been done on this topic so far and I believe that if I was able to analyze pairs that I could come up with a baseline reading for isotopic levels for past populations that could help us understand current pregnant populations and their ẟN15 and ẟC13 values. Some issues with finding these pairs deal with not knowing if a foetus buried with a woman actually belongs to her. Another issue with looking at these pairs can be that these infants and mothers could be dying during times of stress, increasing their ẟN15 and ẟC13 values so I could not correctly analyze them. I wish to find individual pairs in the archaeological record that clearly show the foetus inside the mother, or clearly show that the foetus and mother belong together by proximity to obtain a base reading of ẟN15 and ẟC13 values.

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Three Choirs Concert – 8th of March

Come along to the annual Three Choirs Concert on the 8th of March and see Trev’s three choirs perform!

When: 3.40pm

Where: Dowrick

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Trevs Unplugged – 4th of March

When: 8.00pm

Where: Trevs Bar

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‘Freedom to Rome: A Long Walk’ – Talk by Mr. N. Warlow – 3rd of March

The SCR Committee would like to invite all members of the College community to attend a talk on 3rd March by Mr Nick Warlow entitled ‘Freedom to Rome: A Long Walk’, which documents an incredible journey that Nick and his partner undertook in 2012, when they decided to walk from York to Rome with a pair of artificial hips. The event will take place in the Dowrick at 8.30pm, and will feature a series of images from the hike to accompany Nick’s fascinating narrative. For those wishing to find out more about this astonishing journey, Nick has written a Blog – No need to book for the event, just turn up on the night!

Who: Mr. N. Warlow
When: Tuesday 3rd of March, 8.30pm
Where: Dowrick

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Lunar New Year Night Market – 23rd of February

For one night only, Trevelyan College is bringing you the one of a kind experience of a Traditional Lunar New Year Night Market in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Here you will find Traditional Chinese Food, Zodiac Sign Fortune Telling, Origami, Tea ceremony and Games. You can also find out your names in Chinese and have it written out in beautiful Chinese calligraphy by our very own members of Trevs! On top of that, you may get the chance to put on some traditional clothing from China, Japan and other countries. Furthermore, performances will be going on throughout the evening.

Lunar New Year

When: 8pm

Where: Trevs

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Trevsnight: Harry Potter Yule Ball – 26 February

For one night only, Trevelyan College will be transformed into the magical world of Harry Potter. This black tie event with owls, a magician, a casino and a formal in style promises to be a great night!

Trevs Night

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Trevelyan Orchestra: ‘A night at the movies’ – 27 February

Trevelyan College Orchestra is proud to present ‘A Night at the Movies’. With special guests Trevelyan College Flute Choir, come along and listen to all of your favourite movie themes.

With thanks to Trevs Bar, there will be themed cocktails for the evening including…

– The Black Pearl
– The Dambuster
– The Pink Panther (mocktail)

When: 8.30pm (Bar open from 8pm)

Where: Dining Room

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