Ben Vickers

My name is Ben and I am nominating myself for the role of MCR President for the 2019/20 Academic year. I have been a student at Trevs for nearly 7 years now, so I believe that I have a large body of experience to draw from on both College and University matters which will be invaluable in the role. For the past year I have sat on the MCR Exec as Secretary, and so have seen first-hand what is expected from a President, and believe I can meet expectations, while also bringing my own style and personality to the role. The popularity that Ed brought to the MCR, and that Joe and Darcy built on is something that I’d like to contribute to if I can, bringing even more postgraduates to be active in the MCR. I’d like to try and improve engagement by whatever means I can, be it more social events, games nights, film nights, trips out of Durham, or even something entirely new that hasn’t been tried before. Myself as Secretary, and Darcy as President, have worked well together this year to make sure that members know what the President is doing, how people are being represented, and what the MCR President does for you. It is important that you all know what is going on in college and within the University so that your voice can be informed. I would like to continue this in conjunction with my replacement as Secretary or even improve it if possible.

Proposer: Rachel Frame

Seconder: Arved Werner Kirschbaum

Associates Representative

Ben Dickinson

The first time I knew that associate members of the MCR were a thing was during the second term of my year abroad when visiting Durham. All my housemates next year will be MCR members and I was lamenting that they’d be able to take part in a variety of formals and social events that I wouldn’t be able to attend and a serious fear of missing out set in. I had this same conversation with a different group of friends and fortunately two of them were involved with the MCR and pointed out that I’d qualify as an associate member after my year abroad and so would in fact be able to take part in all the same activities as my housemates. Whilst I’m very grateful that I now have this information I feel that it shouldn’t have to come to me by chance via my friends, I should have been informed of the existence of associate members by the college and preferably sometime before second term of my third year. My ambition for the role then is not only to actively encourage current associate members to take part in the MCR but also to make sure that future associate members are aware of the opportunities that they will have to join the MCR and contribute to its community. As a student of modern languages I have connections with many of the associate members and members to be and also a wide experience of working with a wide range of people from many different backgrounds, cultures and countries, further enhanced by my year abroad. I feel I would bring a lot to the role and am passionate about spreading the word about associate membership of the MCR to members present and future alike.

Proposer: Lydia Edwards

Seconders: Ben Vickers and Darcy van Eerten

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MCR Meeting 9th March

Minutes of the MCR Meeting held on the 9th March and a quick summary. Ben

-Spending was discussed, but we were unable to vote on it due to not having reached quorum.

-Laura to organise another Unplugged

-Discussed Summer Maintenance Plans for College. No confirmed date as yet (correct at time of meeting, this has now changed).

-Discussion of Easter Plans and setting up a group chat for those around over Easter break.

Full MCR Meeting Saturday 9th March


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MCR Meeting 8th December


Minutes from the full MCR meeting on the 8th December, and a short summary for your viewing pleasure! Ben

-Landing Reps Motion Passed

-Mo Mowlam Event discussed

MCR Meeting 8th December

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Expenses Claim Form

As discussed in the MCR meeting here is the Expenses Claim Form to use when reimbursing spending. If you have any questions about the form itself or the process of claiming back money, talk to James, the MCR Treasurer (

Expenses claim form

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MCR Meeting Sunday 7th October

This one’s a little late, owing to the new exec handover. I apologise if the minutes don’t make much sense, but I didn’t take them!

The take away from the meeting is as follows:

  • We’re sorting out the standing orders to improve clarity and to reflect new roles.
  • Changes to hustings which may in the future involve a video of nominees.
  • Voting rights of associates were discussed.

MCR meeting 7th October


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Emergency General Meeting 20th October 2018

An EGM was held on Saturday 20th October to discuss the issue of the broken T.V. in the Mowlam Room. It was decided that a new T.V. will be purchased, so no more negative telly images! With the newly re-decorated Mowlam, it should be looking quite nice…

Minutes below.

MCR EGM 20th October 2018

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Exec 2018/19 Nominations!

Vice President

Dear MCR,
I would like to put my name forward for the position of Vice-president for the MCR. I’ve haveal ready attempted to run for president and although failing to a deserved winner, I believe this shows my commitment to the MCR. Many elements of the MCR run smoothly and do not require significant change. One idea I would like to present, were I to be elected, would be to start a discussion over the possibility of moving the G. M. Trevelyan research prize forward by a few weeks to ensure that there could be greater attendance by the associate members before their exam season begins. I would like to help support Darcy as she takes on the difficult position of President and ensure that our common room interacts smoothly with the other common rooms both within college (the SCR and JCR) and also other middle common rooms in different colleges.
I believe I have a friendly and outgoing personality and that I would be able to manage my time well to ensure that I was always able to give my all to the role.

Christopher Saunders

Propsoser: Cat Stothard
Seconder: Joe Troughton


Social Secretaries

Dear Members of the MCR,
After having such an excellent time during our freshers’ week at Trevelyan College, we (Cat and Lucy), would like to run for a join social secretary position. We would excel at and thoroughly enjoy taking on the role of organising further events for the MCR, to ensure that the social side of college is as enjoyable and accessible as possible.
We both have previous experience as social secretaries, meaning we will be able to bring our skills and enthusiasm to the MCR. We already have many ideas for socials, including themed nights out/bar nights, meals outside of college, bowling/movie nights and trips outside of Durham, so that members who are not from the North East are able to easily see new places and experience more than just college or the city of Durham.
In the last few weeks, we have met many members of the MCR and will continue to get to know everyone and ensure that we organise events everyone can enjoy, and we are definitely open to any suggestions or requests members may have. Further, as we both live out of college, it is very important to us that all members of the MCR will be able to participate in social events, regardless of whether they live in or out.
We are organised, friendly and motivated people and very keen to get as involved with the MCR as possible, to make the rest of the year as enjoyable for everyone as our first two weeks and continue the incredible sense of family that the MCR has.

Cat Stothard and Lucy Adams

Proposer: Christopher Saunders
Seconder: Rachel Frame.



My name is Ben Vickers, I am a Medical Anthropology Masters student and I would like to nominate myself for the position of Trevelyan College MCR’s Secretary for the 2018/19 academic year.
I would love to represent both Trevs and the MCR as I have spent 6 years here, and having only been involved in tier 2 positions in the JCR, would like to step up my involvement in the college I feel strongly about.
My undergraduate degree shows that I have the required skills to perform the job well, as I shown an ability to work to deadlines, organise myself and my time. I will utilise these skills to ensure that agendas, minutes, the MCR website, and MCR twitter account are updated promptly and regularly. The fact that I am a part-time student will also help me in this, as I am only in classes two days a week and can set aside a great deal of time to the role. I also have a degree of creativity and artistic flair which I will be happy to use in producing newsletters and ads for various college events.
I have also experienced the workings of an executive committee through my involvement in a local Scout Group, so I am aware of what is expected in terms of the role I am expected to perform.
I hope to continue the great work of the last Secretary with weekly newsletters, which I will
attempt to improve on, while adding my own unique twist. I would also like to work closely with the Social Secretary to ensure that informal social events are well publicised and bring more livers-in into college to get more involved.

Ben Vickers

Proposer: Edward Goodger
Seconder: Yasmin Ilkhani


Services Officers

Hi everyone, I’m Rachel and I’m running to be your new Services Officer. As this is a new position I am keen to try and develop it beyond the job description in the standing orders into a role that will benefit all members of the MCR. Having been a member of Trevs JCR for my undergraduate degree, living in for my first and third year, I feel I have a good existing knowledge of how college operates and which members of staff are best placed to deal with different situations. This means I will be well placed to help the Social Secretary with the organisation and logistics of MCR formals as well as any other in-college events, liaising with college staff if and when necessary.
As a liver-in this year I will be in college most of the time to keep the MCR facilities in good condition, doing regular checks on MCR pantries and the Mowlam Room. Hopefully this means I can resolve any problems or breakages that may occur speedily as I understand how frustrating broken pantry or kitchen equipment can be. I would also like to look into the possibility of creating a communal stock of MCR cooking utensils for use by livers-in during the holidays, to make self-catering easier for those members who do not own any (particularly international students) and reduce the annual waste of such items being thrown away at the end of the year once members leave.

Rachel Frame

Proposed by: Ed Goodger
Seconded by: Fliss McDowall


Welfare Representative

I am Yasmin Ilkhani and I would like to run for the position of the Welfare Officer in the MCR during the 2018/19 academic year. I am also a third year PhD student at the Department of Anthropology.
I would like to run for the position because I believe I can help with the wellbeing of the students who are part of the Middle Common Room. From October 2014- September 2015 I studied for a Masters degree in Anthropology. From 2016 onwards I have been enrolled on a PhD programme.
During my time at Durham, I have always lived in college. Thus, I am familiar with how college works. I am also familiar with the different types of support which is available in college and at the university.
I would like to run for this position because I believe that the wellbeing of postgraduate students is very important. If I am elected, I will do everything within my power to ensure their wellbeing.
This includes holding regular drop- ins with refreshments, creating a safe space for having some time off. Also, because I live in college- and will be for the rest of this academic year- I will always be available for anyone who would like to have a chat or is in need of company. In addition, I will be living in college over the summer which is a stressful time for many Masters students, as well.
Hence, I will be available for any support which is needed.

Yasmin Ilkhani

Proposer: Edward Goodger
Seconder: Leslie Nunez.


Music Representative

Hi, I’m Laura, I’m studying an MA in Music, and I would love to be the Music Rep for the MCR this year!
During my time as an undergrad at Trevs I threw myself wholeheartedly into the music scene in college. I performed in choirs, bands, and unpluggeds as well as taking on roles composing arrangements for Live on the Hill and serving as Musical Director of the Musical Society for 2 years.

The variety of music performed in Trevs is amazing, as well as the talent and enthusiasm shown by every common room. I would cherish the opportunity to sit on the Music Committee to help support music making around college and best represent the views of the MCR. I would also like to continue hosting inter-MCR unplugged events, and make sure that all musical opportunities, both in college and around the university, are effectively communicated to the MCR. In addition, I would like to explore the idea of communicating with the JCR to set up a rota of musicians to play during MCR formals, to add to the sophisticated atmosphere of the evening.

However, as your music rep, my primary aim would be to listen to you all, to help facilitate the music that you would like, whether you are a performer or a listener, or anything in between. From organising trips to local gigs, to setting up new societies and groups, if you have a musical idea I would love to help it come to life.

Laura Buckingham

Proposed by: Oliver Binks
Seconded by: Cat Stothard


International Representative

We both remember vividly that very first moment when we arrived at an UK university – the new language, culture, weather… Together we have accumulated four years of surviving British people and their food. It has been a long, and sometimes, emotional journey. We’d like to help you with your own path by making sure you completely feel at home in our Trevs community. This year we are hoping to host different events in order to learn from each other’s cultures, including through international dinners, in which everyone shares a dish from their region, and movie nights that represent our cultural diversity. Furthermore, through working closely with the JCR international rep, we will organise College events celebrating international festivities. Next to our commitment to help you integrate socially, we would like to help you to adapt to the UK university system through a series of academic support drop in sessions. Whatever issues you may encounter during this year, whether academic or personal, we are here to help. Tot ziens y hasta la vista !
Las mas mejores.

Carol Cuesta and Sarai Keestra

Proposer: Oliver Binks
Seconder: Riva Boutylkova


Associates Representative

When I saw an email from the MCR in my mailbox I was surprised because I had no clue, that I was a (an associate) member. Why was it, that after spending my third year abroad I’m no longer a JCR but an MCR member? … or am I both? Aren’t only Masters and PhD students are part of MCR? By the time you get to this point, it should be clear, that I’m one of those people whose familiarity with the MCR is roughly zero. At first, it might sound counterintuitive, but I believe that it is exactly my lack of knowledge about MCR matters, combined with my experience being an international as well as an Erasmus student that will make me an excellent candidate for this position. I would like to use this opportunity to help associate members (with a special focus on international and returning students) to feel included and supported by the MCR.

As the associate rep, I’ll endeavour to clearly define the opportunities and rights of associates, organise small get-togethers during the year and provide associates with a detailed information package at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, I would like to advocate for voting rights for associate members, because I believe it would promote greater involvement. At the end of my term, I would like to leave an MCR behind, in which associates have a clearly defined place.

Liza Nagy

Proposer: Rory Clarkson
Secondeder: Cat Stothard



Through previous service as Secretary, Vice President, and President, I believe I am familiar with the practices of the MCR, and offer the experience I believe is required for the position of Chair. At the heart of this application are experiences over my time in the MCR, which has shown me how meetings are best-managed. This all motivate me to apply to be the next Chair of the MCR. Having served under three Chairs, I know the importance of the responsibilities of this role. These particularly include overseeing meetings, processing motions, and running elections. Through my familiarity with how college operates, including the MCR’s procedures, I believe I am prepared to accept these responsibilities.

I know too that I can impartially allow for free and open debate to take place, which is essential for views of members to be conveyed. Furthermore, I know the value of meetings which are run in an orderly fashion, and believe I can deliver these organised discussions. I am also committed to reaching quorum for MCR meetings, which in the past has sometimes been difficult to achieve, through circulating meeting information as directly to MCR members as possible. The Chair can be an essential conduit for involvement in the MCR. For voices to be raised and heard at meetings. Given my time as an experienced member of the MCR, I believe I have the ability to fulfil all obligations of this important position.

Ed Goodger

Proposer: Felicity McDowall
Seconder: Sarai Keestra

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End-of-year hand in party 2018


We will be hosting our fabulous end of year Hand-In Party next Friday 7 September in College. It will be a great chance to say goodbye to Trevs and have a really fun night with the MCR with live music, free buffet food and a classic Trevs disco!! The MCR’s Life Membership Awards will also be presented by our wonderful Chair, Jess O’Donnell.

The bar will be open all evening for drinks and dancing!

Can’t wait to see you all there!



Join the Facebook event here.

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Upcoming MCR Elections

Hi Everyone,

Please be aware that the deadline for nominations for MCR Treasurer and Associate Rep has been extended to Friday 29 June, at midnight.

In the meantime, click here for the details for your candidates for President. Please read through their letters and if you have any further queries for them, let me know and I will pass them on.

As Hustings are not an option this time round, I would appreciate it if any questions you had for our candidates went through me, because I will collate them and share them out to the MCR to ensure full transparency. You can e-mail me at jessica.m.o’   

Many thanks,


The MCR Chair

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Call for Cricket players for SCR/MCR team

The annual SCR/MCR vs JCR cricket match is taking place on Monday the 18th of June from 5pm at Maiden Castle. There are still places on the team, so if you are interested in playing, please contact Jon Warren (SCR Vice President) at

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