Project Team & Advisory Board

Project Team

  • Professor Harriet Bulkeley
  • Dr Gareth Edwards
  • Dr Vanesa Castan Broto
  • Miss Anne Maassen
  • Mr Gerald Aiken
  • Ms Catherine Button
  • Dr Andres Luque
  • Dr Jonathan Silver

Advisory Board

  • Professor Guy (Chair) (University of Manchester)
  • Mr Bigio (World Bank)
  • Mrs Diacon (Building and Social Housing Foundation, BSHF)
  • Professor Graham (Durham University)
  • Professor Keil (York University, Canada)
  • Professor Marvin (Centre for Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures, SURF)
  • Dr Pelling (King’s College)
  • Professor Simon (Royal Holloway)
  • Dr Smith (Science and Technology Policy Research, SPRU)
  • Professor Swyngedouw (University of Manchester)