What happens on a formal?

A formal is the main college social event which brings together the JCR, MCR and SCR to have a meal in the Dining Hall. The dress code is shirt/tie/suit for men and similarly formal for women. The JCR sit in the main area of the Dining Hall whilst the MCR and SCR sit on High Table.

To get a place on High Table, the MCR and SCR must use the online formal sign-up system accessible from the sidebar of the MCR website. Sign-up opens exactly two weeks before each formal and closes one week before. Each MCR member can invite one guest along to High Table (with the exception of Members Only Formals) and must indicate so when they sign-up online. If you have been successfully signed up for the formal you will be notified one week in advance. A waiting list often operates for popular formals. Please indicate when signing up if you would like the vegetarian option.

On the day of the Formal, the MCR and SCR meet in the Lakeside Room from 7.00pm to have a drink, relax and socialise. If you would like to drink wine during the formal simply fill-in one of the forms in the Lakeside Room and pass it to one of the catering staff. By 7.30pm the JCR have assembled in the Hall and a bell is then rung signalling the start of the Formal. The JCR rises whilst the MCR and SCR take their seats. The three course meal is followed by a speech from Dr. David Harper, the College Principal. After dessert, the MCR and SCR retire to the Lakeside Room to enjoy port and a large selection of cheese.

Formal Sign-Up System

If you would like to sign-up for a formal, simply click the link in the sidebar of the website. You will then be prompted to enter a Formal-specific password. Once you are in the system, choose the Formal you want to sign up for, and enter the name of yourself and, if necessary, your guest. Please give your/their full name and residence status. Don’t forget to indicate if you would like the vegetarian option. Once you’ve done this, click submit to complete the signup.

Formal sign-up opens at 11:00am two weeks before the formal and closes one week before (N.B. This does not include the first two Freshers Formals in Michaelmas Term – please see email information for further sign-up information).

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