Hill Colleges West Research Forum

On Saturday 16th February 2013, postgraduate students from Van Mildert, Trevelyan, St. Aidan’s and St. Mary’s Colleges presented their research through a series of talks and poster presentations at the first Hill Colleges West Research Forum.

The aim of the event was to provide an insight into the work being undertaken by the postgraduate members of the four colleges, as well as representing the variety of research conducted within the University, with postgraduates from each of the three faculties taking part. Members of the four JCRs, SCRs and postgraduate common rooms were invited attend to the event and thus take part in discussions on a variety of subjects.

Presentations were given on a number of topics ranging from the work of J. G. Ballard to the deglaciation of Arctic Canada. The event provided an opportunity for students from the three faculties to share their experiences and research topics and thus an environment for the exchange of ideas and approaches between disciplines.

An overview of the presentations given at the event can be found in the Abstract Booklet (available upon request from vm.mcrpresident@durham.ac.uk).

It is anticipated that the Research Forum will become an annual event, being hosted by each College in turn.