Postgraduates living in Van Mildert have access to the modern facilities of the Postgraduate Centre, located on the top floor of the Deerness building. Here, postgraduates live together in large (single person) rooms, complete with on suite bathrooms and 24 hour high speed internet access. Rooms also come with a built in kettle!

Deerness Postgraduate Rooms

Each modern postgraduate room has:

  • A High Speed internet access port + WiFi
  • Two chairs
  • Desk (with notice board)
  • TV and Radio Sockets
  • Storage space
  • Two Mirrors
  • Bathroom (with sink and shower)
  • A built in Kettle

Deerness Kitchens

The MCR also enjoy the exclusive use of the fully fitted Deerness kitchen-lounge: facilities of which include a fridge/freezer, cooker, microwave and toaster as ample storage space.

Deerness Kitchen provides the MCR with the essential communal facilities to live in Van Mildert College all year round, both in and out of term time (when meals are not provided). It is accessible for the postgraduates at all times and is also the centre point for postgraduate life in Deerness as it is equipped with a small lounge and seating area.

As with the rest of the floor it is strictly off limits for the JCR and non-MCR members.

You also have access to:

  • Iron and Ironing board
  • Shared token operated washing machines and driers on the ground floor
  • Other computing facilities (See below)
  • Separate Mail Collection points from the JCR

MCR Common Room

Postgraduates also have access to a postgraduate only common room located on the Ground Floor of Deerness.  This large room has a TV, sofas, a dedicated workspace (with computers, a printer, and a scanner), a small kitchen area, and is used for both working and socialising.

This room is open to postgraduates both in and out of term, providing somewhere comfortable to work and relax both during the day and in the evening. It acts as another centre point for the postgraduate community within the College.

Other facilities

Since all members of the MCR are also allowed membership of the SCR, postgraduates also may make use of the SCR’s Prowse room; a private well equipped lounge located at the back of the college, which has a TV, DVD and VHS player, as well as free hot drinks for a period of time after meals.  Because of the relationship that the MCR has with the SCR, MCR members also eat at the high table in the Main Hall during meal times.

Finally, a college wouldn’t be a college if it didn’t have other facilities to offer its members.  Van Mildert has a Gym, its own library, a bar, a private billiards room, snooker tables, a college shop (another, more food oriented shop is located across the road in Josephine Butler College), a recording suite, a computer suite (containing printing and scanning facilities), photocopiers, as well as a host of clubs and societies to join.

Upcoming facilities

A new postgraduate research centre will be opened by October 2014. This center is a 2 minute walk from college and consists of a new computer suite, the MCR office and also a board room for group study. The IT room will have eight workstations, with computers able to boot to Linux as well as windows and one computer as a high specification PC with advanced modelling capabilities.

Images courtesy of Durham University

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