Prospective Members

The Senior Common Room (SCR) is an association of University members, including College officers, visiting fellows, College mentors, and others from the wider community who support the work of the College. The aim of the SCR is to contribute to the cultural and intellectual life of the College through its own activities and the support it gives to the two other College Common Rooms. Members of the Middle Common Room are also members of the SCR.

Members may relax in the comfort of the Prowse Room/SCR (which may also be booked for events by SCR members). Coffee and tea are available to members and there is a television and a selection of books. Special events, including the termly SCR Formal Dinner, are held in the Lakeside Room, overlooking, as the name suggests, one of Van Mildert’s defining features. Members may dine at High Table; approximately three Formal Dinners are held each term. Gowns are not worn. Each Wednesday in term time an SCR buffet lunch is held in the Lakeside Room.

Our programme of events includes lectures, special dinners and talks, after dinner talks, outings, a book club, and termly art exhibitions. At Christmas we participate in a candlelit carol service and (with JCR help) organise a children’s party. We support MCR and JCR events, enjoying their music recitals, postgraduate discussion forum and dramatic performances. Members’ suggestions for improvements to the SCR and the widening of its activities are welcomed.

The SCR seeks a diverse membership, and welcomes new members from within and outside of the University who can contribute to the life of the college. Those wishing to become a member should write to the SCR President or the College Principal. We look forward to welcoming you.