Prowse Room

The SCR lounge, the Prowse Room, is the focal point for members in college, especially around meals. Daily newspapers and a range of periodicals are available to members, and coffee is served after meals. Teas and coffees are available at other times from the provided coffee machine. The television is connected to a video and DVD player.

SCR Drinks

During college events (such as formal dinners and guest nights), spirits, mixers and soft drinks are available from the “honesty bar” in the Lakeside Room, behind high table. SCR members can help themselves and sign for any drinks they take.


All resident members of the MCR have term-time meals included in their termly battels (college bill). All members of the SCR can sign in for meals by signing the SCR mealbook at reception before 11am (for lunch) or 2pm (for dinner).
Many members of the SCR attend the weekly (term time only) buffet lunch served in the Lakeside Room from 1pm.

Formals and guest nights

SCR members are entitled to sit on the college high table during formal dinners, as well as being able to enjoy drinks beforehand and a cheese course afterwards in the Lakeside Room. To sign up for formals, members simply should sign their name, and those of their guests, in the SCR mealbook at reception in the preceding week.

There are two SCR guest nights held every year – one in Michaelmas term and one in Epiphany term – and sign-up details are provided in the termly SCR Bulletin.

SCR Bulletin

SCR members all receive the termly SCR Bulletin which provides details of events in college, news, and other information. If you wish, you can choose to receive a hard-copy of the Bulletin in the post.