2008: “Living Discipleship”

  • This year at the Durham Open Summer School (DOSS) there is a focus on what it means to be a follower of Jesus in the 21st century. Following the success of the 2006 Summer School on Fresh Expressions, many people have been asking how best to be a disciple in a changing world and a changing church. Helping us explore this theme are some of the most informed and inspirational Christian speakers.

    Professor John and Olive Drane have been writing, speaking and leading conferences on spirituality and mission in the contemporary world for many years. John has written a range of books including the widely read MacDonaldisation of the Church and Do Christians know how to be Spiritual?. Olive has been exploring clown ministry for many years and her book Spirituality to Go is helping many people in their daily walk with God. John and Olive will be with us all week and will be speaking or leading workshops most days.

    Tracy Cotterell is one of the two editors of Let My People Grow. She works with the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and has much to say about relating faith to our everyday working lives.

    Paul Field the well known Christian song writer and singer, fresh from his successful tour of CARGO, will be performing and talking about his own Christian discipleship. There is also a welcome return of Jacqui Jones, who led music at 2006 Summer School and who has recently released a second CD of Christian songs.

    John Barclay is the successor to Jimmy Dunn as Lightfoot Professor of Theology at Durham University. He is an internationally recognised New Testament scholar and will be leading studies of discipleship in the Gospels and Paul.

    Barbara Glasson is leader of ‘Somewhere Else’ in Liverpool. This Christian bread-making community has become famous for its innovative and inclusive life and work.

    David Golding has recently been honoured by the Queen for his work heading up the ‘Make Poverty History’ Campaign. David believes that there are many big challenges for Christian disciples today.

    Janie Bickersteth will be our artist in residence working throughout the week and helping others to explore discipleship through art.

    Other popular contributors to David Wilkinson, Principal of St John’s College Durham, Hilary Armstrong MP, Graham Carter past President of the Methodist Conference, Jeff Astley, Director of the North of England Institute for Christian Education and Roger Walton, Director of the Wesley Study Centre, whose book The Reflective Disciple is due to be published in the Summer.

    There will also a wide range of seminar and workshops each day on aspects of the theme of the day and groups for reflections, prayer and fun.