Diaconal Research


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    This research was set up jointly between the Warden of the Methodist Diaconal Order, Deacon Sue Culver, and the Director of the Wesley Study Centre, the Revd Dr Calvin Samuel, and funded by the Methodist Church.  The research aimed to explore the opportunities and challenges faced by Deacons in the Methodist Church in their work.  The aims were to explore the issues arising for Deacons in their work, including their own understandings of their work and their experience of the dilemmas that this can raise.

    Additional Resources Available:

    As well as supporting reflection on these issues by deacons in the Methodist Church, the research has also informed the development of learning and practice via conference presentations at multiple national and international church and academic conferences.

    Several new resources are becoming available from this project to share the findings more widely, including:

    1. Electronic copies of this executive summary of the research findings are available to download for free at: Diaconal Summary

    2. A special edition of the free online ‘Theology and Ministry’ journal has been published on diaconal ministry. This has been developed out of the ‘Making Connections: Exploring Contemporary Diaconal Ministry’ conference that was held in Durham in September 2011 as part of this research, and includes various articles developed from presentations that were made there. It is available at: www.durham.ac.uk/theologyandministry/volumes/2

    3. An academic journal article has been published in a leading international journal, the ‘International Journal of Practical Theology’. This article is titled: “The diverse and contested diaconate: Why understanding this ministry is crucial to the future of the Church”. This sets the experience of Deacons in the Methodist Church in Britain in a comparative global and ecumenical context, and explores the significance of diaconal ministry. This is available from: http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/ijpt-2012-16-issue-2/ijpt-2012-0017/ijpt-2012-0017.xml?format=INT

    4. The full report has been published as a book by Sacristy Press, and is available for purchase from: http://www.sacristy.co.uk/books/ministry-resources/methodist-deacons .”