• 30/04/2014Book Launch – Making Connections: Exploring Methodist Deacons’ Perspectives on Contemporary Diaconal Ministry

    3 June 2014, 6:15 PM
    Location: SCR St John

    All are welcome to attend  and a summary of other resources from this project will also be available at this event

    Churches are increasingly exploring the potential of diaconal ministry to help them serve wider society in the contemporary context.  Those involved in this ministry seek to forge improved connections between churches  and the wider communities in which they are located.  However, the role of those ordained to be deacons is diverse, challenging and often controversial, both within and outside the Church.

    This book explores how deacons within the Methodist Church in Britain have understood their own ministry and sought to address these challenges.  It draws on innovative research undertaken with the Methodist Diaconal Order over two years.  Key questions and implications for practice are provided to help those wishing to reflect further on this ministry.

    This book makes a significant contribution to the ecumenical debate on diaconal ministry. It offers much that will be of interest to all those seeking to reflect on, understand, engage in or work with those involved in this ministry in their own contexts.

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  • 31/07/2013Online Journal – Theology and Ministry

    We are pleased to announce that the new online journal of Theology and Ministry has been published at St John’s College and is available to view for free at

    Joss Bryan, editor of the journal writes:

    “Welcome to the first issue of Theology and Ministry: An Online Journal, whose aim is to contribute to the growing academic research at the interdisciplinary interface of theology, ministerial practice and reflection. It offers a forum for innovative and creative work in the field, making it available rapidly and inexpensively to a world-wide readership. In particular, it encourages excellent work from new authors as well as from more established writers.”

    We are delighted to inform you that Pete Phillips, director of CODEC, has collaborated with Dr Richard Briggs on an article for the first edition, entitled ‘The Bible as Augmented Reality’.