• 12/07/2014Conference and Celebration: Formation for the Future 16/17 June 2014

    16 June 2014, 1:00 PM
    Location: St John

    We held our final Conference as the Wesley Study Centre, a Training Institution for full time ministerial training for pre-ordination students.    We hope to be able to publish many of the papers presented.

    The WSC will however continue in name under the Rev Dr Calvin Samuel, Academic Dean,  as a research centre within St John’s College.

    Programme Formation for the Future Conference

  • 24/06/2014Methodist Ordinations 2014 – Birmingham 26 June – 3 July

    Ordinations – 29 June 2014

    Coventry Central Hall – 8 former Wesley Study Centre  students being ordained as presbyters
    Start: 4.30pm
    - Anne Coates
    - Andrew Emison
    - Stephen Froggatt
    - Nico Hilmy-Jones
    - Rebecca Ingrouille
    - Helen Johnson
    - Rick Ormrod
    - Ian Rutherford

    Coventry Cathedral – 5 former Wesley Study Centre students being ordained as Deacons

    Start: 3.30pm

    - Helen Bamber
    - Annabel Graham
    - Tracey Hume
    - Linda Kinchenton
    - Esther Longe

    The ordination of new presbyteral and diaconal ministers has become a highlight of the Conference week.  Having been received into full Connexion at the service of Sunday Worship in the morning, presbyters, deacons, family and friends travel to local places of worship to be ordained.

    Ordination Services will take place this year on Sunday 29 June. Tickets are free, but applicants are limited to four tickets to any one Conference service.

    Online ticket orders can be placed after 9am on Monday 31 March and a link will be available on this website.  If you do not have access to the internet, it will be possible to place an order by telephone on or after 31 March.  Details of how to do this will be published here shortly before ticket ordering opens.

    Please note: Members of Conference must order ordination tickets online and not through the registration system. Members do not need tickets to attend the Opening of Conference or Conference Sunday Worship, both of which will take place at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, at the National Exhibition Centre.

    Where is my friend being ordained?

    Ordinations will take place at six churches in and around Birmingham. Here is a list of churches hosting Ordination services and those being ordained at each.

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    Can I get my friend a Conference gift?

    Click below to see a selection of this year’s Conference memorabilia

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  • 30/04/2014Book Launch – Making Connections: Exploring Methodist Deacons’ Perspectives on Contemporary Diaconal Ministry

    3 June 2014, 6:15 PM
    Location: SCR St John

    All are welcome to attend  and a summary of other resources from this project will also be available at this event

    Churches are increasingly exploring the potential of diaconal ministry to help them serve wider society in the contemporary context.  Those involved in this ministry seek to forge improved connections between churches  and the wider communities in which they are located.  However, the role of those ordained to be deacons is diverse, challenging and often controversial, both within and outside the Church.

    This book explores how deacons within the Methodist Church in Britain have understood their own ministry and sought to address these challenges.  It draws on innovative research undertaken with the Methodist Diaconal Order over two years.  Key questions and implications for practice are provided to help those wishing to reflect further on this ministry.

    This book makes a significant contribution to the ecumenical debate on diaconal ministry. It offers much that will be of interest to all those seeking to reflect on, understand, engage in or work with those involved in this ministry in their own contexts.