A detailed report of this landslide can by found in The Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology, 1972, vol 15. The report is written by Kenneth Reginald Early and Alec Westley Skempton.


The area known as Walton's Wood is situated approximately 1.5 miles north of Madeley, in Staffordshire. In 1961, an attempt was made to construct an embankment here for the M6 motorway. Severe slipping occurred , and the partially built embankment failed.

The Stability analysis mentioned above was carried out using three different methods:-


(1) The soft clays and peat in the swamp were removed and replaced by a free-draining granular fill.

(2) The partially completed embankment was removed and the material used to construct a berm (or buttress). (See Loading the Toe).

(3) Trench drains, 1.5m wide, 3 to 4.5m deep, @ 20m centres beneath the embankment and @ 40m centres further up the slope,were constructed in the old landslide. These fulfilled the purpose of preventing a build-up of porewater pressure during constructionof the embankment and of stabilizing the hillside above.

(4) The embankment was then built to the intended height and width.