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 Tommy Armstrong: a literacy task

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Extract from 'Dorham Jail' by Tommy Armstrong

Extract from 'Dorham Jail' by Tommy Armstrong.

Extract from 'Dorham Jail' by Tommy Armstrong.

'Dorham Jail' by Tommy Armstrong. Taken from Song Book Containing 25 Popular Songs of the late Thomas Armstrong, compiled by W.H.Armstrong, (DUL ref Pam L 828.4).



This source can also be used as the basis for a literacy exercise. Read the poem carefully and then carry out the tasks mentioned below. You could also use the worksheet for this exercise.

1. Point out anything that the author thinks is good about the Prison.

2. Point out anything which describes the clothing in Durham prison.

3. Point out anything that describes living conditions in the Prison.

4. Point out anything which describes working in the Prison.

5. Point out any hardships that the prisoner had to endure whilst he was in Durham Jail.


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