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 People and Punishments, 1786

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Your task
This source can also be used for the study of citizenship. Read it carefully (you might want to use the enlarged version) and then answer the questions. A worksheet has been provided for you to use.

Printed Calendar of the Prisoners tried at the Assizes, 1786. Click on image to enlarge.

1. If these crimes were committed today, how would the punishments differ?

2. Why do we punish criminals today? (To deter, punish, pay back into society, remove them from society?)

3. How would you change the ways in which we punish offenders now?

4. Are there any crimes for which we should still have the death penalty? Would this deter offenders? Do you think it did back in 1786?


Now you have finished, why not have a look at how crime and punishment changed over time by looking at a similar calendar from 1836?

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