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Of the Prisoners who have taken their Trials at the Assizes before the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Denham, Lord Chief Justice of his Majesty's Court of Kings Bench, and the Right Honourable Sir James Parke, Knight, one of the Barons of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, for Dnrham [sic], Newcastle and Northumberland.


James Boyd, 30, for stealing several articles of wearing apparel, death recorded.

Nicholas Urwin, 28, and Thomas Smith, 29, severally charged with having carnally known Mary Dodds, against her will. guilty, DEATH

Robert Gilbert, 26, for stealing a silver watch, two sovereigns, and other articles. death recd.

Joseph Develin, 24, for cutting and wounding Jacob Mills. no bill.

Richard Fairlamb, 20, for killing and slaying Ed. Mackey. fined 1s and discharged.

William Brown, 19, 1 month, Henderson Brown, 32, 6 months, Edward Brown, 30, 2ms and James Coxon, 28, severally charged with having attempted to drown Mark Allen.

Thomas Corner, 21, for setting fire to a hay stack. not guilty.

William Smith, alias Noblet, 52, for stealing a mare. transported for life.

John Scott, 17, for killing and slaying Luke Thompson. acquitted.

Robert Rawling, 32, with having received a mare, well knowing the same to have been stolen. transported for life.

Francis Snaith, 40, for stealing a cow. aqtd.

William Bullerwell, 36, for stealing a two gallon cask of rum. 3 months hard labour.

Thomas Hollingsworth, 20, for entering a building, the property of Stockton and Darlington Railway Company. trans for life.

Henry Dove, 19, for stealing a quantity of old iron. transported for 7 years.

Mary Rawling, 37, for stealing a cart wheel. no bill.

Robert Haswell, 18, for stealing a pair of boots. transported for 7 years.

Isaac Edrehi, 25, for stealing a five pound promissory note, acquitted.

Thomas Cockerill, 22, for stealing one five pound note and two sovereigns. 12 months.

Thomas Cowley, 20, for stealing a gun and powder flask. acquitted.

Robert Dale, 53, for stealing a quantity of butcher's meat. 14 days correction.

Joseph Smith, 25, for entering the dwelling house of William Croskell, and stealing various articles of silver plate and monies. trans for life.

George Richardson, 16, for stealing two pair of half boots. one month correction.

James Oxley, 22 and John Brown, 21, severally charged with stealing one half crown, one penny, and one half penny. Oxley trans. for life, Brown acquitted.

The same James Oxley, further charged with assaulting John Newton, a constable.

Mary Emmerson, 18, for stealing articles of wearing Apparel. not guilty.

Mary Ford, 15, for obtaining by false pretences, one cloak and one shawl, from Thomas Turnbull. one month.

William Sewell, 39, for having cut and wounded John Wilson. death recorded.

John Watt, 30, for assisting Sewell in cutting John Wilson. not guilty.

Rowland Harrison, 26, with having carnally known Margaret Short against her will. not guilty.

Henry Brownless, 23, for assisting Harrison in committing the felony aforesaid. not guilty.

The same H Brownless, and Surtees Gleghorn, 22, for stealing from Margaret Short, Ll 8s 6d. not guilty.

Joseph Marshall, and William Tulip, 20, severally charged with having received the said monies. not guilty.

William Lewens the younger, 27, and Richard Lewens, 16, severally charged with the wilful murder of Richard Taylor. acquitted.

George Donaldson, 40 and William Jordison, 25, severally charged with stealing a silver watch, a chain and watch key. acquitted.

March 19th

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