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 Prison rules and reform, 1819: a transcript

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6. That the following Rules, &c. be observed in the House of Correction, and that they be printed in plain, legible, characters, and fixed in some conspicuous parts of the said House:-

"RULES, ORDERS, and REGULATIONS to be observed and enforced at every House of Correction, provided and established, under the authority of the Acts of the seventh year of the reign of his late Majesty King James the First, the seventeenth of King George the Second, and the twenty-second of King George the Third.

1. "that the several persons who shall be committed to the House of Correction, to be kept to hard labour, shall be employed (unless prevented by ill health) every day during their confinement, (Except Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday) for so many hours, as the daylight in the different seasons of the year will admit, not exceeding twelve hours, being allowed thereout to rest, half a hour at breakfst, an hour at dinner, and half an hour at supper; and that the intervals shall be noticed by the ringing of a bell."

2. "That the Governor of each House of Correction shall adapt the various employments, which shall be directed by the Justices ay their Quarter Sessions, to each person, in such manner as shall be best suited to his or her strength and ability; regard being had to age and sex."

3. "That the Males and Females shall be employed, and shall also eat and be lodged in separate apartments, and shall have no intercourse or communication with each other."

4. "That every person so committed, shall be sustained with bread, and any coarse bit wholesome food and water; but persons under the care of the Physician, Surgeon or Apothecary, shall be sustained with such food and liquor as he shall direct."

5. "That the Governor and such other perons (if any) as shall be employed by the Justices to assist the Governor, shall be very watchful and attentive in seeing that the persons so committed are constantly employed during the hours of work; and if any person shall be found remiss or negligent in performing what is required to be done by such person, to the best of his or her power and ability, or shall wilfully waste, spoil, or damage the goods committed to his or her care, the Governor shall punish every such person in the manner hereafter directed."

Cleanliness and Health

1. That the walls and ceilings of the several Cells and Wards, and other rooms used by the Prisoners in the Gaol, be scraped and white-washed at least once in every year; and be regularly washed and kept clean, and constantly supplied with fresh air by hand ventilators or otherwise.

2. That two Rooms be set apart in the Gaol for the sick Prisoners, one for each sex, into which they shall be removed, as soon as they are seized with any disorder, and shall be kept separate from those in the health.

3. That a Cold and Warm Bath be provided, or commodious Bathing Tubs, in which the Prisoners shall be washed (according to the condition in which they may be at the time) before they are suffered to go out of the Gaol, on any occasion whatever.

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