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The neighbourhood of this city is, at the present time, very much infested with thieves and pickpockets. Within the last fortnight several highway robberies have been committed within a few hundred yards of the town under circumstances of the utmost audacity. On Friday week, an old man was robbed in broad day-light near Aykley Heads, and the following evening another person was robbed in the twilight within 200 yards of Gilesgate toll-bar. On Saturday night last, while a young man was proceeding homeward towards Whitworth, two men suddenly pounced upon him from behind a wall now erecting by B J Salvin Esq, about a mile and a half from this city, and seized hold of his bridle, demanding his money. Luckily,two acquaintances were only a few yards behind, and the person mentioned having called out for him, they rode on, and while one remained with the horses the others pursued the highwaymen across the fields, and though they did not succeed in capturing them, gave them a sound drubbing with the heavy sticks with which they were armed - one of the thieves leaving his hat behind. We hope our police will keep a strict watch on the "strangers" now about the town.


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