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What does the 1901 census tell us?

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Extract from the 1901 Census showing data relating to Crook. Click on image to enlarge.

Example extract from the 1901 Census showing data relating to Crook. (Image courtesy of The National Archives, RG 13/4653, f5.) Click on image to enlarge.

Take a close look at the information extracted from the 1901 Census using the Transcript. Then try to answer the questions below.

1. Using the information contained in the extract from the 1901 census, draw and label a bar graph showing the top 5 birthplaces of the population of Crook in 1901. For people born in England just name the county.

2. How many of the people in this sample were born in Crook and how many of these were adults?

3. Compare this with your findings for 1851. What does this tell us about how Crook has developed over a period of 50 years?

4. Look in the column marked 'Rank, Profession or Occupation' on the 1901 census. Make a list of the jobs that people are doing in 1901.

5. How has this answer changed in comparison to your findings for 1851?

6. Can you give any reasons why this is the case? Are there any links between the different occupations?

7. Why do you think there are still a lot of lodgers in Crook in 1901?

8. Now that you have used the two census extracts make a comment on the usefulness of the sources for population study?

Are you happy with your answers? If so, move on to the next section - using maps.

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