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What problems did the settlers face? Source 3

A letter from the settlers to the people of England explaining why they had asked John White to return. Taken from Richard Hakluyt, The Third and Last Volume of the Voyages, Navigations, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, London, 1600, p.285.

A letter from the settlers explaining why they asked John White to return to England. Taken from Hakluyt, Voyages, Navigations and Traffiques, 1600.

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Read the source carefully and then answer the questions.

Q10. This expedition landed in Virginia between the 22nd and 25th July 1587. How long was it before they asked the Governor, John White, to return to England? Do you think that this is a short time or a long time?

Q11. Imagine you are one of the settlers and that you have been asked to write this letter. What would you say?

Q12. Draw a table with 2 columns (or use the one below) and fill in all the good things about the settlement and all the problems the settlers faced. Do you think the settlers gave up too easily or was life just too hard in the new colony?

Good things about Roanoke Problems faced by the settlers


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