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What problems did the settlers face? Source 2 Transcript

Insomuch as foorthwith Ensenore wane this resolution of him, that out of hand he should goe about, and withal, to cause his men to set up weares foorthwith for us; both which he at that present went in hande withal, and did so labour the expedition of it, that in the end of the April he had sowed a good quantitie of ground, so much as had bene sufficient, to have fed our whole company (God blessing the growth) and that by the belly, for a whole yere: besides that he gave us a certaine plot of ground for our selves to sowe. All of which put us in marvellous comfort, if we passe from April untill the beginning of July, (which was to have bene the beginning of their harvest,) that then a newe supply out of England or els our owne store would well enough maintaine us: All our feare was of the two moneths betwixt, in which meane space if the Savages would not helpe us with Cassavi and Chyna, and that our weares should faile us, (as often they did,) we might very well starve, notwithstanding the growing corne....

Simplified Transcript
Ensenore persuaded Pemisapan that he should help us. He told his men to set up wires [fishing lines] for us and at the end of April he sowed enough land to feed our company for a whole year. He also gave us some land to sow ourselves. All of this was enough that if we could survive from April to the beginning of July (which was the beginning of the harvest) then a new supply from England or own store would be enough to keep us. All we were afraid of was the two months in between. In this time, if the Amerindians would not help us with Cassava or Chyna or if the wires failed (as they often did) we might very well starve despite the growing corn.


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