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Why did the settlement fail? Source 1 Transcript

The river of Moratoc is more famous than all the rest, and openeth into the sound of Weapomeiok, and where there is but a very small currant in Chawonock, it hath so strong a current from the Southwest, as we doubted how to row against it. Strange things they report of the head of this river, and of Moratoc it selfe, a principall towne on it, & it is thirtie or fortie dayes Journey to the head. This lame King is called Menatonon. When I had him prisoner two dayes, hee told mee that 3 dayes Journey in a Canow up the river Chawonock, then landing & going foure days Journey Northeast, there is a King whose Country lyeth on the Sea, but his best place of strength is an Iland in a Bay invironed with deepe water where he taketh that abundance of Pearle, that not onely his skins, and his nobles, but also his beds and houses are garnished therewith. This king was at Chawonock two yeares agoe to trade with blacke pearle, his worst sort whereof I had a rope, but they were naught; but that King he sayth hath store of white, and had trafficke with white men, for whom he reserved them; he promised me guides to him, but advised me to goe strong, for he was unwilling strangers should come in his Country, for his Country is populous and valiant men. If a supply had come in Aprill, I resolved to have sent a small Barke to the Northward to have found it, whilest I with small Boates and 200 men would have gone to the head of the river Chawonock, with sufficient guides by land, inskonsing my selfe every two dayes, where I would leave Garrisons for my retreat till I came to this Bay.

Simplified Transcript

The river of Moratoc is more famous than all the rest. It opens into the sound of the Weapomeiok and although there is a very small current in the Chawonock, it has such a strong current from the south-west that we didn’t think we could row against it. There are reports of strange things at the head of this river and of the main town on it, Moratoc. It takes about 30 or 40 days to reach the head of the river. There is a lame King called Menatonon. When I held him prisoner for 2 days, he told me if I travelled for 3 days in a canoe up the River Chawonock, then landed and travelled for 4 days North-east I would find a King whose country lies on the sea. His stronghold is an island that is surrounded by deep water. There are so many pearls in this bay that not only himself but his nobles and his beds and houses are garnished with. This King came to Chawonock two years ago to trade his black pearls. I have a rope of these but they are not very good. However, the King says that he has a lot of white pearls which he has saved to trade with white men. Menatonon said he would give guides to help me find this King but he advised me to go well-armed. The King does not like strangers and his Country is full of brave men. If extra supplies had arrived in April, I had decided to send a small Barke North to find this country whilst I would have gone with small boats and 200 men to the head of the Chawonock. I would have stopped every 2 days to build garrisons for our return.

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