The settlement at Roanoke: Glossary

abusing mistreating, taking advantage of
apothecary or apothecarie plants used to make medicine
Barke or barque a small sailing ship
Cassava/casada a plant whose root can be used as food
Chieftain leader of a group or tribe
Christendom the Christian world
coarse rough
colony an area (region or country) controlled by another country
courtier someone who serves the monarch at court
cultivate grow
deteriorate grow worse
encampment a camp, normally a military camp
equerry an officer of the Royal Household serving the Royal family. Normally connected with horses.
establish to set up
expeditionary relating to a journey made for a specific purpose
exploit make use of
flax a plant whose stem can be used to make thread and, therefore, cloth
generate creates, brings into being
harvest time of the year when crops are gathered in before winter
hostilities being in opposition to, at war with
incessantly continuing, without stopping
interrogate to question
intreated (entreated) pleaded
Maine the mainland, rather than an island
minerals natural inorganic matter
pinnace a light boat, moved by sails or oars
planters another name for a settler
scarce in short supply
sowed scatter seed over the ground, to plant
Spanish Armada A fleet of Spanish ships that hoped to invade England in 1588


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