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What did Victorians wear?


When you look at pictures of Victorian people you will notice that some of the clothing is quite different from today. Women and girls never wore trousers and their skirts were long to cover their legs. Materials such as lycra and nylon had not been invented and most everyday clothes were made from wool and cotton.

The clothes people wore depended on whether they were rich, middle class or poor. Many wealthy Victorians wanted to be fashionable and some spent a lot of time and money on their clothes. Rich Victorians would have had lots of outfits and would have chosen material such as silk and satin for their finest clothes. Poor Victorians were not able to spend very much money on clothes. They had to choose practical and warm clothing and would not have had a selection of clothes to choose from.

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Image of wealthy Victorian dress

Image showing a mother and daughter from a wealthy Victorian family. Image courtesy of (Click on image to enlarge.)