The Nationalist Party

  1. The unity of the Empire, the protection of Russians in all parts of the Empire and Russia for the Russians.
  2. Loyalty to both autocracy and representative institutions.
  3. Development of the Orthodox church, especially in the villages.
  4. Improvement of the peasants' economic situation and support for private peasant landowning.
  5. The inviolability of private property.
  6. The right to work.
  7. Development of local government in Russia to protect Russians in areas in which they are a minority.
  8. Opposition to equal rights for Jews.
  9. National agricultural and industrial planning.
  10. Development of Russian national self-consciousness in the schools.
25 October 1909

Source: R. Edelman, Gentry Politics on the Eve of the Russian Revolution.i, New Brunswick, 1980, p. 94.

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