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These web pages will give information about my genealogical and family history research. Currently the information about my one-name study on the surname Bodimeade is quite complete. Gradually I will be adding data and historical accounts on other ancestral lines I have been researching. The title bar lists most of the surnames of known or probable direct ancestors of my children

I have been researching my family tree for at least 28 years (I have notes made when I was 10!), so I have quite a lot of data to convert to electronic form. I first considered a computer database in about 1983, but it has taken me many years to find a program that structures genealogical in a similar way to how I think about it. That program is The Master Genealogist. It's not perfect, but I believe it is the best program available. I am converting first things that I am currently researching or corresponding with people about.

As a summary of the lines I am interested here are birth briefs of my children's great-grandparents.

Walter Millard was my great-great-grandfather. I'm trying to find out more about his time in the USA. You can read what I know about his life story.

I have a copy of the Centenary of Coleford Wesleyan Sunday School, published in 1905 to mark 100 years of the Sunday School at Coleford Methodist Chapel, Kilmersdon, Somerset.

Some notes on the origins and genealogy of the Spriddle family of Devon and Cornwall.

My resources for other genealogists

List of probate indexes. As part of my one-name study of Bodimeade, I have been trying to examine indexes to all pre-1858 probate records in England. To help with this, I have created a list of probate indexes which have been produced since Gibson and Churchill published their excellent Probate Jurisdictions: where to look for wills. Most of them are online.

I maintain the Genuki pages for London and Middlesex.

Last updated: 30 April 2021.

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