More About the Society


Exec are society members who are voted in each year and assigned specific roles to help keep the society running
A summery of the exec positions

President - responsible for reratifying, choosing anime for sessions and session times and making sure they happen, organising convention trips, organising exec meetings and general meetings and making sure everyone else does their job.

Secretary - responsible for attending the SPA room booking talk, booking rooms, taking minutes at meetings, maintaining the mailing list and checking the email account.

Treasurer - responsible for maintaining the society account.

Social Sec - responsible for organising events outside regular sessions and running them.

Techie - responsible for updating and maintaining the website and forums, helping with unforeseen technical problems during anime sessions and stepping in to run a session should the president be unavailable.

Every year at the end of term two the society holds an AGM to discuss changes to the constitution and vote in new exec members.

Only society members may vote at the AGM. The membership fee is £3 a year. The money goes towards things the society needs such as paying for a stall at freshers fair. Participation at the AGM is the only society activity that necessitates paying membership.

AnimeSoc is a very relaxed society and while we obviously look for people who can fullfill their respective roles don't worry too much about not having experience etc. For further advice about particular positions ask current members.