Freshers – Get ready for Induction Week! (part 1)

Durham UNivesrity Lizzie English InductionIf you’re reading this blog post, I believe congratulations are in order, on your fantastic exam results and acceptance of a sought-after place at Durham University! Just a year ago, I was in your shoes, feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves as I looked forward to jumping into university life.  Now, as a second-year undergraduate, I hope to pass on some words of wisdom to help you make the most of your fun-filled first week!

Moving in

Durham UNivesrity Induction moving inMoving in day can be daunting, but once your things are unpacked, you’ll start to feel Durham becoming your second home. Although I’ve been guilty of this myself, you don’t need to bring everything but the kitchen sink to uni, especially if you have to travel via train or plane. There’s no need for pans or excessive crockery when living in catered college accommodation. Try not to pack your whole wardrobe if you’re a shopaholic, like myself, who’s bound to grow their clothing collection whilst at uni. And don’t forget, with Durham’s Market Square just a quick walk away, there is always the opportunity to buy anything you may have forgotten.

I would recommend bringing photos and nice décor to make your room feel homely – this really helped me settle in last year. I also followed the classic freshers’ tip of bringing a doorstop to invite others on your corridor to meet you whilst you unpack. And of course, bring cookies; offering free food is a tried and tested method of making friends!

College room workspaceDon’t be scared to go around your college to meet others who are moving in – chances are they’ll be just as nervous as you! Be prepared with the typical freshers greeting questions of “What’s your name? What do you study? Where are you from?” – the answers to which you are unlikely to remember from everyone you meet, but they’re a solid conversation starter to ease the nerves. By being confident and friendly you’re certain to find some great friends during your first week here. You’ll meet people from a whole range of interesting backgrounds. Despite Durham’s high-grade requirements, don’t be worried that everyone will be posh and intimidating, because that’s simply not the case!

More information on ‘What to bring to University’

Freshers’ fairs

Durham UNivesrity Students Union Freshers 2018The University Freshers’ Fairs are taking place on Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd October in the Students’ Union building and just next door in Elvet Riverside – if you can, try to pop in on both days as there will be different stalls. The Fresher’s Fairs host all of Durham’s clubs and societies so you can see what activities you fancy signing up for.  Durham Students’ Union offers over 200 different clubs and societies, in addition to Team Durham and college sports clubs, Durham Student Theatre’s 26 theatre companies and Music Durham’s 79 societies – plus Student Community Action’s 40 volunteering projects! From sports clubs to niche groups like the Glitter and Chocolate societies, there is certainly something for everyone and don’t forget to pick up the cool freebies too!

Don’t be scared to sign up for something new; it’s a fantastic opportunity to try something different, discover new interests and meet like-minded people from other colleges. And if it turns out that you don’t enjoy the society, don’t worry, you can just try something else!

Colleges also host their own Freshers’ Fairs to advertise college-run clubs and societies, so look out for these too, you’ll be amazed at how much goes on with your college.


Durham University Matriculation

Matriculation is a fantastic experience where you feel truly welcomed as a student into Durham University. The magnificent Durham Cathedral plays host to the University-wide Matriculation ceremonies that take place throughout the day on Wednesday of Induction Week. One undergraduate and one postgraduate student from each college sign the Matriculation book during the ceremony on behalf of the new intake of each college. Wearing your gown and enjoying the wonderful service makes your initial university experience feel a bit like Hogwarts, in the best possible way! Colleges also hold their own college-based Matriculation ceremonies, as well as the University one, whereby each new student signs the college book and officially becomes a member of their college.

Departmental inductions

Studying DurhamBelieve it or not, Induction Week isn’t all about socialising, there are Departmental Welcome and Induction sessions too… you are here for a degree after all! These sessions often outline your course timetable and give you a good idea of what to expect in your first year of study. You also get the chance to meet the academics and other members of staff in your department; but I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that lectures don’t start until your second week. Freshers’ reps and other students will be more than happy to point you in the right direction for your induction sessions, so don’t worry about getting lost; you’ll find your way around before you know it.

Online Planner

Use the Online Planner to create your own personalised timetable of events and activities for Induction Week. Simply select your College, Course and Level of Study, to find out where you need to be and what you’ll be doing during your first week in Durham.

Watch out for Part 2 of Lizzie’s blog with more information on what to expect during Induction Week ….


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