Meet Durham SU 2018

Durham Student Union President 2018 George WalkerI’m George Walker, your Durham Students’ Union President, and I’ve been elected to represent Durham students and lead your Union.

When I’m not standing up for you, I enjoy listening to music and attending gigs. I’m a big sports fan (better at watching than playing) and I follow football, NFL and baseball. I also enjoy watching Game of Thrones and the Thick of It. But enough about me; let me introduce you to your Union.

Welcome to Durham SU

Durham Students' Union Durham SUDurham SU exists for a purpose: we’re the champion of every Durham student. We’re interested in the things that matter to you and in helping make them possible. As a Durham student, you’re automatically a member of Durham SU, which gives you access to a whole load of benefits. You have a choice of over 250 student groups to join; access to events; resources to help make your ideas happen; opportunities to volunteer; and generally the chance to get the most out of your time at Durham.

Dunelm House

Durham Students UnionDurham SU is based in Dunelm House, just on the riverside with a great view of the Cathedral. It has two cafés – one of which is a bar by night – where you can fuel up on coffee and sandwiches, and find space to study or socialise. And if you ever need a helping hand, our Advice Service is there for you, online and in person.

Every year, students throughout Durham vote for your Durham SU Officer team, which is currently made up of me and four other Officers. Together we represent the interests of students on a variety of issues, from the price of accommodation to securing more space to eat in the library.

Freshers 2018

We’re all looking forward to having you in Durham, and are ready to support you throughout Induction Week and the rest of your time here. You could start by looking at our online Freshers’ Hub or by getting to know other freshers in the 2018 Durham Freshers Facebook group.

Once you arrive, we’ve got several events for you during Induciton Week and beyond. The one you really shouldn’t miss is the Freshers’ Fair, held across Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 October, where you’ll find hundreds of student groups, from sports to theatre, ready and waiting for you to join.

To access the full benefits of being a member of Durham SU, including the ability to join student groups and purchase tickets for events, be sure to activate your Durham SU account.

Meet the SU Exec

Durham stundets uinion saul Cahill
Saul Cahill, UG Academic Officer

What was your favourite thing about Freshers’?

Getting to know Durham city better! Durham is a beautiful historic city with a unique character. Finding strange little side streets, exploring some of Durham’s many teashops and visiting the Cathedral for matriculation were all highlights of my week. Getting to know the city really helped me to appreciate how lucky I was to be able to call Durham my home for the next three years (and beyond!).

Durham Students Union Meg Haskins

Meg Haskins, Welfare & Liberation Officer

If you could do Freshers’ again, what would you do differently?

Probably take a bit more time out for myself. There was always so much going on and I was so keen to keep up with everything that I ended up letting myself get quite ill and run down. I’d tell little fresher me now, that it’s okay to have a bit more time to yourself and that when you’re ill with a temperature, it’s probably best you don’t keep going out.


Durham Students Union David Evans

David Evans, PG Academic Officer

Any final words of advice for new postgraduates?

There’s a strong temptation to focus solely on your studies as a postgraduate, especially if you’re only here for one year as a taught postgraduate student. But academia alone is not what sets Durham apart as a world-class institution – it’s the huge variety of opportunities in the Students’ Union, your college and other activities that bestow it that accolade. Those opportunities are not just there for undergraduates, so do get the best out of Durham and get involved in something outside of your degree.

Durham students Union Cahrlie Walker

Charlie Walker, Opportunities Officer

What was your favourite thing about Freshers’?

My favourite thing was meeting everyone in college. My college was small, so you knew most people by the end of the first week, which made the place feel like home to me.


Durham UNivesrity Students Union Freshers 2018


George Walker

I’m George, President of Durham SU, and the lead spokesperson of the Students’ Union to both the student body and the University. Outside of the SU, I’m a former Politics student originally from Leeds and I’m always up for chatting over a drink – preferably a pint.

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