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“Phenotypic Profiling of High Throughput Imaging Screens with Generic Deep Convolutional Features” paper by P. Jackson, Y. Wang, C. Bendtsen, S. Knight, H. Chen, T. Dorval, M. Brown, and B. Obara. has got accepted to the International Conference on Machine Vision Applications. Tokyo, Japan, 2019.

“Sequential graph-based extraction of curvilinear structures” paper by S. S. Alharbi, C. Willcocks, P. T. Jackson, H. F. Alhasson, and B. Obara. has got accepted to the Signal, Image and Video Processing, 2019.

“Temporal Graph Offset Reconstruction: Towards Temporally Robust Graph Representation Learning” paper byS. Bonner, J. Brennan, I. Kureshi, G. Theodoropoulos, S. McGough, and B. Obara. has got accepted to the IEEE International Conference on Big Data. Seattle, WA, USA, 2018.