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Paper accepted to ICPR 2021

June 21st, 2020

Research paper by C. E. Sunal, C. G. Willcocks, and B. Obara on “Real fime fencing move classification and detection at touchtime during a fencing match” just been accepted to International Conference on Pattern Recognition. Milan, Italy, 2021!

Research paper by D. C. Murphy, A. Nasrulloh, C. Lendrem, C. Lendrem, M. A. M. la Cour, B. Obara, and D. Steel on “Predictingpost-operative vision for macular hole with automated image analysis” just been accepted to Ophthalmology Retina today!

Research paper by Y. Chen, A. Nasrulloh, I. Wilson, G. Caspar, H. Maged, B. Obara, and D. Steel on “Macular hole morphology and measurement using an automated three dimensional image segmentation algorithm”. just accepted to BMJ Open Ophthalmology (2020) today!