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Who was C.M.P. ?

This person was the author of a sonnet about CMY which was found stuck into a copy of The Stokesley Secret with stamp paper. It had apparently been cut from a newspaper.

This poem appears in The Review of the Charlotte M. Yonge Fellowship Edition 12, Spring 2001, p. 1. (see our Review page for full contents of this edition)

(August 11, 1823-1901)
Friend of our mothers’ girlhood – far-off days –
She gave unnumbered hours of delight
In tales of maid and gallant knight,
Of mediaeval or Victorian ways.
She lived retired, nor sought for human praise;
But so to use her talent that she might
Youth’s gay and ardent spirits guide aright,
And on a high ideal set their gaze.
Unwithered yet her homely ‘Daisy Chain’
Linking the generations, three and four
Of those who owe her and her kindly lore
Pleasures that from our youth to age remain:
Deeming her of those blessed ones who gain
Through loving much, Love’s crown for ever more.

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