by Martin Rush

Published in "The Review of the Charlotte Mary Yonge Fellowship"
Edition Number 17 – Autumn 2003

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Bonnie H Schuster :
Bio-bibliography of Charlotte Mary Yonge (1823-1901)

Bonnie Schuster is now Emeritus Professor at the University of Montana

MEMBERS who attended the April 2003 meeting in Edinburgh might have noticed a quiet lunchtime photoshoot going on in a corner - Elizabeth, Clemence and Hilary receiving Bonnie H Schuster's donation of her 1967 Bio-bibliography of Charlotte Mary Yonge on behalf of the Fellowship.

The work is best summarised by Bonnie Schuster herself:

"... it is not a dissertation, nor even a full-blown thesis. The master's degree program I was in had an alternative of doing two less comprehensive papers rather than one comprehensive thesis, and I selected the non-thesis option. Thus, it is called a 'Graduate Paper' ... The bibliography was, to my mind, quite comprehensive at the time I did the work. It attempted to cite all editions of all published works for C M Yonge up to the date of compilation, 1966 ..."

Actually Bonnie is being far too modest about her paper. I do not have space today to do more than outline its 200 valuable pages of detailed bibliographical content and multiple indexes (I shall do this for a future edition of the Review).

The 93 pages of bibliography include, besides the usual multiple UK and US editions, data for an impressively wide range of translations (for The Little Duke: full details of French, Swedish, German, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian and Portuguese editions!). This is followed by "Listings of Works not Achieving Book Form [Fiction, Nonfiction, Prefaces and Introductions], and Magazine Contributed To and Edited ... In Print Lists, [and] Series Lists ... several indexes expand the approaches to the data. These include an Index of Titles, incorporating both English and translated titles in one alphabet; Index of Subjects; Index of Translations, arranged by country; Index of Translators; Index of Illustrators; and Index of Publishers." There is also a ten-page checklist of Reviews (all but one dated 1905 or earlier).

I have put all this information to regular and random practical test while following up Yonge references for the website. In every case I have found it illuminating and helpful.

We have the work because Bonnie was kind enough to provide a printed copy of her Bio-bibliography for the Fellowship and send it to me. In due course the book will be lodged in the CMYF Archive, where it will be available to members.

Martin Rush

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