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Changing of the exec
By Liam Price on Wednesday 4th March 2015

This last saturday was the day of the AGM, the momentous day when the new exec is voted in. In a much more democratic way than when Valentinian I became the Roman emperor on the same day in 364, it must be said given that question will inevitably be asked. The club gathered in the hallowed seat of democracy that is Elvet Riverside 141 to assess all the candidates. Such questions as if you were a vegetable what would you be or can you role yet tested the wits of the candidates to the very limit. This was followed by a round of voting for each position. It is with great pleasure that I can inform any of you that haven't heard of the results of the new exec:
Captain: Harry Ward
Vice-captain: Ant Stewart
Vice-captain (Stockton): Alastair Paterson
Treasurer: Issy Braddock
Trip officer: Ben Roberts
Kit and safety officer: Steve Hopkins
Social sec: Eleanor Bacon
Info sec: Liam Price

A large amount of thanks must be given to the previous exec for the work and effort they have put in this past year. We must of course now look forward to what will hopefully be a great year for the club and all the paddling it may contain! 

Durham Paddlers secure third overall in BUCS River Race
By Daniel Robson on Monday 24th November 2014

At the 2014 BUCS River Race this weekend, the Canoe Club finished on the podium behind Loughborough and Newcastle after two days of solid racing on the river Washburn in Yorkshire. On Saturday competitors raced in the classic race, a time trial lasting approximately ten minutes on white water rapids, including a steep drop that most would describe as a small waterfall. Several different classes of boats compete in the race, with Durham fielding a strong well rounded team spread across the different classes.

This year was one of the most competitive events of the past few, with medal places being split by fractions of seconds.

Durham had a mixed bag of results on day one. In the C1M category Alastair Paterson was on track for a very fast time until the handle snapped off his paddle, making it impossible to put down maximum power. Hoping to regain some points, Alastair and Mark Ledger teamed up to defend their title as C2 champions. Alastair's luck didn't change and at a pivotal point in the race his second paddle snapped clean in half.

In the K1M category Edmund Hawes was looking good until the waterfall section where his boat took an impact from a rock, cracking it open and sinking the boat. Ed's misfortune was soon to be shared with his sister Alice who was entered in the mixed team with Daniel Robson, Alastair Paterson and Mark Ledger. Under similar circumstances Alice's boat was also broken and what was looking like a medal winning run was brought to a halt.

Durham's luck then started to change, with Open Team 1 (Daniel Robson, Mark Ledger and Edmund Hawes) finishing first in an incredibly competitive field. Open Team 2 (Daniel Taylor, Matt Fletcher and Alastair Paterson) finished in seventh and Open Team 3 (Steve Hopkins, Anthony Stewart and Jordan Price) finished tenth.

In the C1 category Durham continued their newfound momentum with Mark Ledger finishing second and Anthony Stewart finishing fourth. Durham finished Saturday's racing with a solid second place finish in C2 from Daniel Robson and Anthony Stewart.

On Sunday competitors raced the sprint course which lasts approximately one minute, still on white water rapids. In the K1M category Durham represented itself well with four paddlers finishing highly; Mark Ledger (fifth), Daniel Robson (tenth), Matthew Fletcher (eleventh) and Edmund Hawes (twelth)were split by only three seconds.

In the K1W Sprint Alice Hawes successfully defended her title as fastest woman finishing first, meanwhile in the C2 Sprint category Durham took second (Daniel Robson and Anthony Stewart) and third place (Mark Ledger and Alastair Paterson). Finishing off the weekend in the C1s category Mark Ledger finished third and Alastair Paterson fourth.

BUCS River Race!
By Harry Ward on Tuesday 4th November 2014

Less than three weeks to go before the first BUCS event of this academic year! Get excited guys... if you're not competing be sure to sign up as a volunteer to help cheer Durham on! With a great party on the second night and an all-weekend BBQ it's sure to be a great one. Message any member of the exec for more info!

Two river trips this weekend!
By Harry Ward on Wednesday 22nd October 2014

This week we are running two river trips - on Saturday we are going to High Force, Low Force (or Huffaluffa), a real club favourite complete with a waterfall for you to try out! We're leaving at 8am and intend to be back for about 2/3pm. We recommend having a little white water experience, but so long as you don't mind a swim you're more than welcome! 

On Sunday we have more of a whole day river trip, leaving at 9am from MC. We're doing the South Tyne from Alston. This will be a really nice fresher trip and easier than Saturdays, but still with a fair amount of white water - so make sure you've been to a couple of Wednesday sessions or at least a pool session.Plus we have our meal out afterwards, so even if you don't come out on the river come for some food!

So... join us for at least one or the other... or even better - BOTH!

BUKE Applications
By Anthony Stewart on Tuesday 7th October 2014

Best of luck to Mark Ledger, Steve Hopkins and Anthony Stewart who are applying to take part in the British Universities Kayaking Expedition this year.

Durham has a good history at the event with Jamie Conn and John Tomlinson attending the previous expedition and Sandra Hyslop taking part in the one before that.

A video from Sandra's venezuala trip can be found here: