Tyne Tour 2017

Friday 3rd November 2017 16:00 at Hexham

Event details:

It’s time for the Tyne Tour again! Every year, hundreds of paddlers from all over the country make a pilgrimage to Hexham to paddle the North Tyne, meet up with other paddlers and dance the night away at the infamous ceilidh. Beginner or seasoned paddler, this weekend is fantastic for everyone, so why not come along and have some fun?

We’ll head up on the Friday, paddle the Tyne and win the party on the Saturday and, depending on conditions, paddle another river on Sunday before heading back to Durham. The river is great for all levels, with one exciting bit - Warden's Gorge - towards the end. 

Early bird tickets are £26 (fuel and food extra), an amazingly cheap price for one of the best weekends away you’ll have this year.

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to contact me (Molly) or one of the other exec members.I'm sure everyone will be willing to share their stories of previous years.

See more at tynetour.co.uk

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