Christmas Paddle!!

Saturday 9th December 2017 09:00 at Where ever there's water

Event details:

It's the weekend before term ends, and all through the club,
There's excitement among us as we head for the pub.

Wet kit is hung in the boathouse with care, 
The boats and paddles are all piled in there.

The paddlers are cold after a mid-winter dip,
But they've had a great time on the Christmas RIVER TRIP!

I may not be an award winning poet, but I do know that the Christmas paddle is going to be great fun. It's happening on Saturday, before the Christmas meal, and we'll be heading off to do a river suitable for everyone.

To make it even more fun (as if it needs that), there's going to be a fancy dress competition. Whoever dresses themself and their boat up with the best Christmassy theme will get a PRIZE! (Don't ask me what yet...)

Meet at the boathouse at 9 am. We will be back in plenty of time before the meal in the evening.

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