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Trip to Wales

On the first weekend of June we will head to north wales, where we will paddle the Tryweryn and possibly the Dee. 

We will be camping so be prepared for any weather, and will also be cooking for ourselves using a camping stove. The river Tryweryn has a Cafe right on the side of the river and several fun play holes, this makes it perfect for messing around in playboats. Doing the river Dee is dependent on levels and people attending. 

The specific times are yet to be finalized but we will be leaving Durham on Friday afternoon and coming back later on Sunday.

Palatinate Dinner

Take off your spray decks and keep your toes dry for this one. DUCC are scrubbing up to finish the year in style at the Team Durham Palatinate Dinner. Spaces are limited to only ten, on a first come first served basis, so sign up ASAP. £45 for a reception drink, three course dinner and transport there and back. Signup closes pretty soon so GET ON IT! 

ALPS 2018!

Due to lack of interest, the club is no longer running an official trip to the Alps this summer. 

Molly (and possibly others) will be heading out there at dates currently unknown, so if anyone does want to go out, please let her know!