BUCS Slalom 2018

By Sioned Russell on Tuesday 4th December 2018

Last weekend saw the first BUCS event of the year: Slalom!
The weekend began on Friday evening for some, with bib sorting, cable wrapping and container carrying. Watching the training firemen shivering in the dark whilst they jumped into the cold water made some of us question why we did this for fun, but such doubts were soon forgotten by Saturday. Despite the rain, the day kicked off with three K1 runs by Oscar, George and Anthony Gray. Everyone hit a few gates despite some swims. A team of five dedicated polo-ers also set off for York in the evening, for five matches. Team spirit was high and it showed- they didn't lose every game! Big shout out to George and Natasja who, with less than five hours of sleep, were back at MC before the sun had even risen the next day and found themselves in a rock-paper-scissors battle for who would be taking the bus after four passengers arrived to a car of only three spare seats. Despite this, the day was another success! A day of gate smashing, red button pressing, running, cheering and minimal swimming! The first to brave the descent was Anna, who survived both runs, hitting several gates on her second go. This inspired Grace who smashed her second run and later survived the course in a C2 with Anthony (following a last minute switch of paddlers). And to top it off, well done to the amazing Bethan Kelly for coming 5th! 
It wasn’t just the paddlers who made the weekend a success. Organised by Friends and helped along by members who wanted to keep their feet dry, several volunteers helped coordinate the runs. The weekend was topped off by a bailey bar crawl, Fabs and Klute by those who had the energy left to stand. Thanks to everyone for making this weekend as much fun as it was!

Tyne Tour 2018

By Sioned Russell on Monday 5th November 2018

We had a great time over the weekend at Tyne Tour. Saturday saw a speedy trip down the Tyne with interludes of rapids, surfing and swims. This was followed by the spectacular Hexham firework display and famous ceilidh. Sunday took us down the race course where we saw some awesome surfs and booties displayed. Despite a few swims, smiles abounded and its safe to say we’ll be back next year!

Yorkshire League T2

By Natasja Brenninkmeijer on Sunday 28th October 2018

Durham took a new team of eight to play a super tournament in Yorkshire against many more experienced teams. In Dan's words "The scores [which weren't necessarily fantastic] did not reflect how well the team played!"


Anthony - Set-ups/Plays/Ticky-Tacka

Connor - Quick defensive recoveries

Rob - Winning a sprint + Hard shots to goal including one beautiful near miss

Brandon - Often sacrificing himself as a great goalie + Successful blocks

Chris - Insane bracing + Pushing people out of the zone

Dan - Spanish Skills

Sioned - Steals + Opening space in the back

Calum - In the words of a player from Leeds Panthers (whom we beat/tied - it's debateable): "You are lucky he is on your team..."

Well done to all, looking forward to the next one!

Durham Polo Tournament

By Natasja Brenninkmeijer on Sunday 21st October 2018

8 teams competed in Daniel Robson's Durham Tournament: 2 from Durham (Team Molly and Team Connor), 2 from Manchester and 2 from Northumbria. 

Molly's Team debuted a speedy George who was quick to the ball every time, strong in defence and was always in optimum position to set up a goal. Also debuting, Grace surprised all her opponents with some seriously awesome paddle blocks, epic boat-nose steals and a couple of goals. Fresher Oscar not only played an excellent game all-round but also proved he has the lung capacity of an Olympic swimmer and managed a few T-rescue despite the long time it took his rescuers to get to his boat. As captain, Molly crushed it and almost managed to bin her brother from Manchester! Dan did a super slick behind the back shot worthy of a YouTube video, and I didn't swim!

Connor's Team debuted a very determined Alex, who was often stealthily in the right place at the right time. Also debuting and having attended Wednesday's Morning Training, Anthony was clearly confident in his boat, made some incredible steals and putting some far more experience polo-players under a lot of pressure. The dark-horse Captain Connor was quick with some sneaky set-ups and turn-arounds. The ultimate team-player Anna, helped create set-ups all over the pitch. Nicole was as awesome as ever to watch playing with insane confidence, control and creativity! Similarly, Calum played a solid and speedy match switching quickly between positions to accommodate wherever the team needed him, proving without a doubt that he is worthy to play GB.

Jasz, both injured and sick, still amazingly turned up to cheer on and cheer up the team and to keep score and keep time (...well kind of...).

With successful T-rescues there was not a single Durham swim. A super valiant effort given that a particular fresher last year swam four times in this same tournament!

The night was finished with an awesome but intense and messy pizza making (production-line) social under the stern but always funny guidance of Anna Marshall. For some it was a little to much too handle, or not Thomas?

By Anna Marshall on Sunday 21st October 2018

Welcome to Durham!

By Connor Mcfarlane on Sunday 30th September 2018

Welcome to Durham University Canoe Club! Whether your new to Durham and canoeing or been here for years we can’t wait to see you soon. We’ve got loads planned for the coming term, from our regular training sessions to polo tournaments to river trips and the famous Tyne Tour. 

For the First weeks of term we will have taster sessions, These are a free session at maiden castle for anyone to come and have a go and meet the club, just check the events page to sign up.

Come check us out at the freshers fair on Tuesday and Wednesday of freshers week at the student union where you can meet some of the current club, and have a look at the calendar below for some of the important dates in the Michaelmas term.

Calendar Michaelmas 2018

Polo Success

By Molly Slaygnar on Tuesday 1st May 2018

A massive congratulations to everyone who competed at BUCS polo. It was an amazing result, with the men's team coming second and the ladies achieving a fantastic first place! Even the Old Boys team put up a decent show, finishing 10th.

Polo Success

Scotland: Swims, Sunshine and Scenery

By Molly Slaygnar on Sunday 25th March 2018

The Easter trip up to Fort William in Scotland can probably be termed a success. Despite the lack of water, we made the most of the beautiful weather we had, and (I, at least) had a really great time!

Swims were rife: on our first river, the Leny, Anna managed to swim above the falls, which led to some rather panicked 'get to the side' advice. Then there was the sticky hole further down, which claimed two more swimmers. We managed a whole trip down the Arkaig without any swims, but more than made up for it on a rock-bottom Spean Gorge, with something like six between two people... I think they both enjoyed it though...

It wasn't all getting wet and hypothermic. We spent a day up at the Allt a' Chaorainn (I may have had to look up that spelling) in glorious sun, falling into bogs and sliding down rocky slides. And then paddling over/jumping off Right Angle falls, the classic paddler's profile pic, the pool above which had been frozen over in the morning. And there was the paddle across to the remotest pub on the UK mainland. It was a really beautiful scenic paddle across from Mallaig Bheag to Inverie, with a distant seal and snow capped mountains encircling the loch. The pint of 'Remoteness' at the other end was well worth it.

Sadly we had to come back home, just as the rain arrived. And we didn't get to see the wallabies on Loch Lomond in the end. Ah well, maybe next year!


By Sioned Russell on Friday 23rd March 2018

We had a great time at the DUCK Race chasing hundreds of small plastic ducks down the river Wear which ran in support of the Great North East Air Ambulance, and DUCK's Local Charities Fund. Paddling 3-4km downstream we managed to collect almost all of the hundreds of ducks that were released, only missing a few to the weir!

Epiphany term 2018!

By Max Topp-Mugglestone on Thursday 11th January 2018

Durham University Canoe Club has even more exciting events planned for this term in all of our disciplines, so whether you're the keenest member of the polo squad, a skilled slalomist, pro freestyler, or the freshest fresher there's something on for you!

Our regular weekly sessions will be continuing, with our casual Wednesday sessions at 13:00, and the two pool sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings aimed at general skills (including rolling and freestyle) and polo-specific skills respectively! You can see more details of the regular sessions on the regular events section of the events page, or on our Facebook group.

Our first social of the term will be on Saturday 20th January, where we will be decreasing the leg count per capita by 0.5 before heading out on an epic quest through the bars of Durham and beyond (unless you consider Klute to be part of Durham in which case disregard the 'beyond')

Beyond that, there's some really fun events planned for this term, which include:

Refreshers' Weekend Away -- we'll be travelling over to the Lake District to spend a weekend staying in a hall and paddling some new rivers! There's also some fun and games planned for the evenings -- more details on that later. Sign up via the events page!
BUCS Slalom -- the university slalom competition! Another really fun event and a chance to try your hand at a new discipline -- you can compete in pretty much any boat, so don't worry if you've never paddled a slalom boat before; whatever your experience it'll be a really enjoyable day and even if you don't fancy paddling please come along to support! Again, you can already sign up on the events page.

National Student Rodeo -- the biggest student freestyle kayaking competition in the world! We'll spend the weekend in Nottingham, where there'll be an opportunity to try some freestyle paddling with competitions aimed at every level -- it's one of the most fun weekends of the calendar for everyone, regardless of freestyle experience! Added to that, both the Friday and Saturday nights will be some of the biggest and best parties you'll ever experience - so even if Freestyle's not your thing, this will be one of the best weekends of your life! Sign up via events page -- ticket prices to be released at a later date, but register your interest now.

You can also sign up for BUCS polo and our training week before that -- if you're interested in representing the university, sign up for those now! There'll be a lot of focus on training for polo this term, so make sure to come along to the Thursday sessions as well where we will really be focusing on building up those core skills.

That's all for now, but there's plenty more going on -- as always, keep track of the Facebook page and our events page for more details of everything we've got happening.

Michaelmas term 2017!

By Max Topp-Mugglestone on Monday 25th September 2017

Welcome to Durham University Canoe Club!

We've got plenty of exciting stuff planned for you this term -- whether you're a returning member or a fresher who's never been in a boat there'll be something for you every single week. Keep an eye on the events tab and on our facebook group for more!

First up are our taster sessions! These are free to anyone who wants to come along and have a go at canoeing and meet the club. All you need is some swimwear, a towel, and a change of clothes! The dates are as follows below (beware of the printing mistake on our flier!)

Saturday 7th October, 13:00 - 15:00
Saturday 7th October, 15:30 - 17:30

Sunday 8th October, 13:00 - 15:00
Sunday 8th October, 15:30 - 17:30
Wednesday 11th October, 12:45 - 15:00
Sunday 15th October, 13:00 - 15:00
Sunday 15th October, 15:30 - 17:30

On October 10th is our first social of term -- come along and get to know us!

Look out for our fresher's weekend events, including a beginner's canoe polo tournament and our Fresher's river trip -- you can already sign up for the river trip if you're keen! (log in using your DUO username and password)
The weekend will culminate in a fantastic social -- details TBA!

Make sure to come and check out our stall at the sports fair on the 3rd of October -- we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have, or just to have a chat!

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