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CEP is a forum for showcasing and sharing computing education practice. Accepted submissions will be published in the ACM Digital Library, provided the presenter registers for and attends the conference.

CEP submissions should allow us to:

Given below are details of

Submission content

Submissions should be no more than 4 pages. You should aim to have something in every category, but you do not have to use them in the order presented. A different organisation may make better sense for your submission. The descriptive text is not mandatory, but is there to motivate and stimulate your thinking.

We welcome submissions related to "Teaching computing to non-computing students", which is a particular focus of the Institute of Coding.

What is it? A short description of the practice you're presenting
Why are you doing it? What happened before? What is it changing / replacing / improving? What gap is it filling?
Where does it fit? A short description of your teaching context. You may, for instance, include a description of intake, class size, curriculum sequence; anything that's necessary for others to understand your situation. How do things work at your institution?
Does it work? How do you know? Give some evidence of effectiveness in context.
Who else has done this? Where did you get the idea from? (If from published reports, please include references). How did you find out about it? Was it easy/hard to adopt? What did you change?
What will you do next? Will you vary this, or develop it further?
Why are you telling us this? What is interesting, or useful, about this to someone else?

Submission format and process

All submissions must be in the ACM Proceedings Template to be accepted for publication in the ACM Digital library, using Word and LaTeX templates.

Submission and is through easychair at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=cep2019.

Review Process

Submissions will be made through easychair, and double blind reviewed by two members of the programme committee. Each reviewer will grade the submission on the following criteria:

It is expected that each review will take about 30 minutes.

Based on the outcomes of these reviews the programme committee will then decide which papers are accepted for the conference.

Programme Committee

General Chair is Alexandra Cristea, Durham University