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Thursday 7th January 2021

Main conference
9:30Opening and welcome
Michel Wermelinger
Open University
Steven Bradley
Durham University
Session 1 (chair: Duncan Hull)

Automating Feedback for Computing Vivas and Presentations - A Journey

Stephen Murphy
Liam Matthews-Dibbins
Chris Maguire
Paul Shemmell
Birmingham City University

Student Perceptions of Assessment and Feedback - are they valid?

Ryan Crosby
Newcastle University

A Repository of Resources and Exemplars for the Cloud Curriculum

James Paterson
Glasgow Caledonian University
Joshua Adams
Donald R. Tapia College of Business
Brian Hainey
Glasgow Caledonian University
Sajid Nazir
Glasgow Caledonian University
10:35Posters (see below) and coffee break
Session 2 (chair: Daniel Onah)

Supporting Early-Career Academics in the UK Computer Science Community

Tom Crick
Swansea University
James H. Davenport
Alan Hayes
University of Bath
Alastair Irons
University of Sunderland
Tom Prickett
Northumbria University

Analysis of an automatic grading system within first year Computer Science programming modules

Emlyn Hegarty
Aidan Mooney
Maynooth University

Using the One Minute Paper to Gain Insight into Potential Threshold Concepts in Artificial Intelligence Courses

Becky Allen
Marie Devlin
Stephen McGough
Newcastle University
13:00Engaging and Active Security Education (EASE) workshop http://www.ease.ws
Joseph Maguire
University of Glasgow
Rosanne English
University of Strathclyde
15:00Posters (see below) and coffee break
Session 3 (chair: Neil Gordon)

Enhancing Faculty-Student Interaction in an Undergraduate Algorithms Course Through Group Oral Presentations

John Stratton
Whitman College

Using contributing student pedagogy to enhance support for teamworking in computer science projects

Helen Phillips
Wendy Ivins
Cardiff University
Tom Prickett
Julie Walters
Rebecca Strachan
Northumbria University

How Early is Early Enough: Correlating Student Performance with Final Grades

Lloyd Williams
Kim Titus
Jason Pittman
High Point University
16:30ACM UK SIGCSE Annual General Meeting and closing remarks
17:00Conference close


Towards a multilingual, cross cultural, student led lectorial in UK Higher Education

Breakout room 1

Raj Ramachandran
Emmanuel Ogunshile
University of West of England

Improving Computer Science Student Graduate Skills Through Assessment

Breakout room 2

Rosanne English
University of Strathclyde
Alan Hayes
University of Bath

DRAT: A Dynamic Resource Allocation Tool for Estimating Compute Power in a Cybersecurity Engineering Learning Facility

Breakout room 3

Jason Pittman
High Point University

Joining Instructions

The conference will be held via zoom, the link to the meeting has been sent to participants. To join the meeting you need to be logged in to zoom with an account under the email address that you used to register for the conference.

Talks and the EASE workshop will be given in the main room following the schedule in the programme. Individual breakout rooms (1-3) will be used for the posters and are also shown in the programme. Poster 2 will only be available in the morning session and poster 3 will only be available in the afternoon session.

For paper discussions/general chat/making new friends/meeting longstanding friends there will be other breakout rooms open all day, numbered 4-15. Private chat will be enabled so that you can message anyone to arrange to go to a specific breakout room.