Every term a different member of the exec plans a tour to a different area. The Freshers' Tour tends to be in the county, but the Treasurer's Tour can go as far away as York or Whitby. The Easter term holds the annual summer tour - a several day-long trip to a far-off county, where we ring at around 20 towers, get matching t-shirts, and of course - play lots of Wok, the traditional DUSCR game.

We also have an annual dinner where all current DUSCR members and the DUSCR Life members (previous student members of the society who have since graduated) are invited back to Durham for a formal dinner and handbell performance, followed by a ceilidh. There is usually a tour on the day of the dinner and a number of peals and quarter peals are rung over the weekend.



NUA 2020

Friday 13th November 2020

Durham will be hosting the Northern Universities Association of Change Ringers (NUA) annual meet up. The provisional dates for this are from Friday the 13th till Sunday the 15th of November 2020, however these are liable to change. Please check back soon for more information.

Fresher's Fair 2020

Wednesday 30th September 2020

We are now live at the 2020 Fresher's Fair.

Please see our Facebook group for details

Treasurer's Tour 2020

Saturday 29th February 2020

The 2020 Treasurer's tour was to Darlington and the surrounding area.

Tower List
Heighington, St Michael 6 bells, 15-1-23 G
Richmond, St Mary 8 bells, 11-1-12 G
Darlington, Holy Trinity 6 bells, 6-3-9 B♭
Darlington, St Cuthbert 8 bells, 18-0-14 F
Shildon, St John 8 bells, 16-1-8 F♯

DUSCR Dinner 2019

Saturday 30th November 2019

This dinner celebrated the society's 60th anniversary and was a huge success. A quiz night was organised on the preceding Friday where Life members reminisced about the past with a number of people sharing a 'five minute memory' about their time in DUSCR. The day of the dinner saw a tour to Consett and the surrounding area, while the dinner itself featured (possibly the first) handbell dinner touch rung by an all undergraduate band as well as some brilliant speeches.

Many thanks to Rachael Sanderson and Joseph Walker for doing such a fantastic job organising this.

Tower List
St Cuthbert, Benfieldside 6 bells, 12-2-17 G
St Mary, Blackhill 8 bells, 15-3-19 F
Consett Christ Church 8 bells, 16-0-19 F
All Saints, Lanchester 8 bells, 9-1-6 A

Summer Tour 2019

June 2019

The 2019 summer tour took us to North-West London and was organised by Izzy Seale. It was great fun and the word of the tour (according to Rachel) was "nap".

Tower List
Friday 14th
Stamford, All Saints 8 bells, 14-1-14 F♯
Stamford, St. Martin 6 bells, 13-1-21 F
Uxbridge, St. Margaret 8 bells, 14-0-24 F
Saturday 15th
Pinner, St. John the Baptist 8 bells, 18-3-15 E♭
Great Stanmore, St. John the Evangelist 8 bells, 12-0-12 G♯
Bushey Heath, St Peter 8 bells, 11-2-3 F♯
Watford, St. Mary 10 bells, 24-1-6 E♭
Rickmansworth, St. Mary the Virgin 10 bells, 20-0-20 D
Sunday 16th
Ruislip, St. Martin 8 bells, 12-1-6 F♯
Hillingdon, St. John the Baptist 10 bells, 21-1-22 E♭
Uxbridge, St. Andrew 8 bells, 13-1-25 F
Denham, St. Mary 8 bells, 22-2-6 E♭
Chalfont St. Giles, St. Giles 8 bells, 7-3-15 G
Monday 17th
Aldenham, St. John the Baptist 8 bells, 15-0-0 E
Kirby Muxlow, St. Bartholomew 6 bells, 7-1-5 A
Ratby, St. Philip and St. James 8 bells, 9-3-18 G

DUSCR Dinner 2018

Saturday 1st December 2018

The Annual DUSCR Dinner 2018 was a brilliant occasion - as ever - and was organised by Natasha Kozlowski. Her tour took us to Hartlepool where we rang at 3 churches after a quick brunch at a local Weatherspoons!

Tower List
St Oswald's, Hartlepool 10 bells, 21-2-12 E♭
All Saints, Stranton 8 bells, 12-3-4 F
St Aidan, Hartlepool 8 bells, 14-0-7 F♯

Summer Tour 2018

June 2018

The 2018 summer tour took us to Leeds and was organised by Rachael Sanderson and Oliver Rice. It was a fantastic tour - as all DUSCR tours are.

Tower List
Friday 8th
Kirk Deighton, All Saints 6 bells, 9-3-8 G
Bramham, All Saints 6 bells, 12-0-4 G
Thorner, St. Peter 8 bells, 10-0-27 F♯
Barwick in Elmet, All Saints 6 bells, 12-3-8 F♯
Swillington, St. Mary 8 bells, 12-0-22 G
Saturday 9th
Far Headingley, St. Chad 8 bells, 18-2-13 E♭
Headingley, St. Michael & All Angels 8 bells, 20-1-0 F
Upper Armley, Christ Church 8 bells, 15-2-22 F
Burley, St. Matthias 8 bells, 7-3-16 B♭
Leeds Minster, St. Peter 12 bells, 40-1-27 C
Leeds Cathedral, St. Annes 8 bells, 9-1-4 A
Sunday 10th
Tong, St. James 6 bells, 8-1-17 A♭
Birstall, St. James 8 bells, 22-1-3 G♯
Cleckheaton, St. John 8 bells, 10-3-11 A♭
Liversedge, Christ Church 8 bells, 13-0-7 F
Batley, All Saints 8 bells, 10-1-14 F♯
Monday 11th
Chapel Allerton, St. Matthew 6 bells, 7-2-23 B♭
North Rigton, St. John 6 bells, 3-0-6 F
Beckwithshaw, St. Michael & All Angels 6 bells, 13-0-15 F♯
Harrogate, St. Wilfrid 8 bells, 6-0-3 C
Knaresborough, St. John Baptist 8 bells, 18-1-15 E

DUSCR Dinner 2017

Saturday 2nd December 2017

The annual DUSCR dinner was brilliant this year (as always). A big thank you to Elizabeth Hopper for the organisation of the dinner and also to the master Rachael Sanderson, and the guest speakers. It was a fantastic evening and we look forward to seeing you all again next year! This year the dinner day tour was to Darlington, it was a good day and it was nice to have ringers from current DUSCR and DUSCR life.

Tower List
Saturday 2nd 2017
St John, Shildon 8 bells, 16-1-8 F♯
All Saints, Hurworth 6 bells, 16-3-15 F
St Cuthbert, Darlington 8 bells, 18-0-14 F
St John, Darlington 8 bells, 10-0-10 G

Summer Tour 2017

June 2017

The 2017 summer tour took us to Nottingham and was organised by Rachael Sanderson. We rang at 17 towers over the weekend, then rang at Ossies when we got back because we apparently hadn't done enough ringing.

Tower List
Friday 9th
Greasley, St. Mary 8 bells, 13-1-7 F♯
Nuthall, St. Patrick 8 bells, 7-0-8 A
Aspley, St. Margaret 8 bells, 9-1-15 G♯
Saturday 10th
Plumtree, St. Mary 8 bells, 16-3-12 F
West Bridgford, St. Giles 8 bells, 9-1-16 G♯
Nottingham, All Saints 10 bells, 16-1-3 E♭
Nottingham, St. Peter 12 bells, 22-2-5 E♭
Nottingham, St. Mary the virgin 12 bells, 35-2-23 C
Sunday 11th
Clifton, Holy Trinity with St. Francis 8 bells, 3-1-18 E
Barton in Fabis, St. George 6 bells, 11-0-21 G
Clifton, St. Mary the virgin 8 bells, 8-0-8 A♯
Wollaton, St. Leonard 6 bells, 5-1-13 A♯
Monday 12th
Basford, St. Leodegarius 8 bells, 14-3-0 F♯
Bulwell, St. Mary the vVirgin and All Souls 8 bells, 15-3-16 E
Hucknall, St. Mary Magdelene 8 bells, 12-2-16 F♯
Linby, St. Michael 6 bells, 5-3-16 C

Summer Tour 2016

June 2016

The 2016 summer tour took us to Birmingham and was organised by Elizabeth Hopper. We rang at lots of exciting towers, including England's 16 bell tower at the Bullring. We enjoyed a barbecue and lots of pancakes at a questionable hostel. Commonly regarded as the 'best tour ever!'.

Tower List
Friday 17th
Measham, St. Laurence 8 bells, 9-2-6 F♯
Netherseal, St. Peter 8 bells, 11-2-7 G
Tamworth, St. Editha 10 bells, 21-2-9 E♭
Coleshill, SS Peter and Paul 10 bells, 14-0-24 F♯
Saturday 18th
Moseley, St. Mary 10 bells, 18-0-9 F
Moseley, St. Anne 6 bells, 7-0-5 B♭
Edgbaston, St. Bartholomew 8 bells, 10-0-14 G
Harborne, St. Peter 8 bells, 12-3-24 F♯
Selly Oak, St. Mary 8 bells, 12-1-17 G
Sunday 19th
Birmingham Cathedral 12 bells, 31-0-21 D
Birmingham, St. Martin 16 bells, 39-1-19 C
Birmingham, St. Paul 10 bells, 12-2-13 F♯
Yardley, St. Edburgha 8 bells, 12-2-16 F♯
Monday 20th
Castle Bromwich 6 bells, 10-3-14 A♭
Erdington, St. Barnabas 8 bells, 15-1-15 F
Erdington Abbey 8 bells, 15-3-16 F

Summer Tour 2015

June 2015

The 2015 summer tour took us to Manchester and Cheshire and was organised by Victoria Gale. This tour was when infamous quotes such as "this spoon isn't working" and "if I plug in the kettle is it automatically on?" were born. We were treated to some excellent ringing, a proper fry up, and lots of games of Wok (TM).

Tower List
Friday 5th
Bowdon, St. Mary the Virgin 8 bells, 18-0-6 E
Rostherne, St. Mary 6 bells, <19-2-17 E♭
Knutsford, St. John 8 bells, 11-2-16 F♯
Saturday 6th
Macclesfield, St. Michael 12 bells, 26-0-21 D
Macclesfield, Christ Church 10 bells, 23-2-3 E♭
Goostrey, St. Luke 6 bells, 6 cwt B♭
Middlewich, St. Michael & All Angels 8 bells, 20-0-20 E
Holmes Chapel, St. Luke 6 bells, 11 cwt F♯
Sunday 7th
Wybunbury 6 bells, 14-0-8 E
Church Lawton, All Saints 8 bells, 8-1-2 G
Nantwich, St. Mary 8 bells, 14-2-18 E
Acton, St. Mary 6 bells, 13-0-8 F
Monday 8th
Chelford, St. John the Evangelist 6 bells, 8-2-3 A
Wilmslow, St. Bartholomew 6 bells, 13½ cwt F♯
Marbury 6 bells, 7-2-22 A♯