DUSCR Life is the community of previous student members of the society who have since graduated and left the university. DUSCR Life members are still involved with DUSCR.

Elizabeth Hopper and Rachael Sanderson are the current life members' secretaries and can provide details for any society functions. Please send an email to the webmaster if you would like to be added to the life members emailing list.

You can also join DUSCR life on Facebook.

DUSCR Life Tours

Every year there is a DUSCR Life tour to a different part of the country. Here is a collection of previous tours.

If you have any information about these tours including tower lists or pictures please contact the webmaster, Sam.

August/September 2019 - Winchester

Tower List
Saturday 31st
King's Somborne, St. Peter & St. Paul 6 bells, 10-1-9 F
Stockbridge, St. Peter 6 bells, 7-0-20 B♭
Whitchurch, All Hallows 10 bells, 26-1-4 D♭
Wonston, Holy Trinity 6 bells, 8-0-20 A♭
Sunday 1st
Winchester Cathedral 14 bells, 35-2-6 C

September 2018 - Ipswich

Tower List
Saturday 2nd
Ipswich, St. Margaret 8 bells, 14-0-11 F
Ipswich, St. Matthew 6 bells, 10-0-10 G
Ipswich, St. Nicholas 6 bells, 10 cwt A♭
Ipswich, St. Lawrence 5 bells, 13-3-13 F♯
Ipswich, St. Mary le Tower 12 bells, 34-3-6 D♭
Ipswich, St. Clement 6 bells, 15-1-18 F♯

September 2017 - Salford

Tower List
Saturday 9th
Worsley, St Mark 10 bells, 24-0-7 D
Walkden, St. Paul 8 bells, 18-2-1 E
Stand, All saints 8 bells, 22-0-22 E♭
Prestwich, St Mary the Virgin 8 bells, 16-0-15 E
Middleton, St Leonard 8 bells, 11-2-8 F♯
Oldham, St Mary the Virgin 12 bells, 35-0-4 D♭
Sunday 10th
Pendleton, St Thomas 8 bells, 18-0-10 E
Eccles, St Mary the Virgin 8 bells, 19-3-13 E♭
Salford, Sacred Trinity 8 bells, 11-2-17 G

September 2016 - Bristol

DUSCR Life Tour 2016 (Bristol) Group Photograph
Tower List
Saturday 10th
Bristol, St. John on the Wall 6 bells, 11 cwt F
Bristol,St. James Priory Church 10 bells, <28-0-25 D
Bristol Cathedral 8 bells, 21-0-1 E♭
Bristol, St. Marks Lord Mayor's Chapel 6 bells, 9-3-13 G
Bristol, St. Philip & St. Jacob 8 bells, 19-0-11 E
Bristol, All Saints 8 bells, 16-0-22 E
Bristol, Christ Church 10 bells, 20 cwt D
Sunday 11th
Almondsbury, St. Mary the Virgin 8 bells, 22½ cwt D

September 2015 - Loughborough

September 2014 - Horsham

DUSCR Life Tour 2014 (Horsham) Group Photograph

September 2012 - Penrith

DUSCR Life Tour 2012 (Penrith) Group Photograph

September 2010 - Oxford

DUSCR Life Tour 2010 (Oxford) Group Photograph

September 2008 - London

DUSCR Life Tour 2008 (London) Group Photograph

September 2007 - Coleshill

DUSCR Life Tour 2007 (Coleshill) Group Photograph

September 2006 - Hurst

DUSCR Life Tour 2006 (Hurst) Group Photograph

September 2005 - Hampshire

DUSCR Life Tour 2005 (Hampshire) Group Photograph