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Contacts and the Website

If you have any questions or comments whatsoever, then you can email DUSCR here. Alternatively, you can email the Master directly here.

Because DUSCR is nice, there is a little form at the bottom of this page which will complete the job of emailing whoever you like with very little effort at all.

If you have any comments regarding the website, please feel free to get in touch with the Webmaster. This version of the website was created in the summer of 2008 when Rob was after something to do; it is based almost entirely on content created over the last few years by Izabelle, Brian and Sarah, so we can jointly accept responsibility for any typographical errors which might be found within the site. Anything which goes wrong with the code, however, is clearly Rob's fault, so do let him know if something fails to function correctly. The site has been tested to make sure it functions appropriately in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. Users of Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer Mobile may find that some of the pages render in a slightly odd way - there shouldn't be any problems in accessing the site's content, though. If you do suffer any browser-related issues, the unofficial DUSCR recommendation is to upgrade to something better...

For those of a sentimental nature, a little bit of history about the DUSCR website can be found here.

Please note that if you wish to be added or removed from any of the DUSCR mailing lists, the quickest way to do this is to get in touch with the webmaster and your request will be granted quicker than you can say 'AaarghStopSendingMeAllThisRubbish!!'.

Email Submission Form

Thanks to Mrs. B., Mr. S. and Miss C. for originally creating the content shown on much of the website,
to Mrs. B. and Mr. C. for their thoughts on the initial & final designs of the new one,
to the other Mr. C. for his useful technical hints & observations (including the form above),
and to Misses S. & P. for pointing out things which didn't work.
After much fiddling and consultation, this version of the website finally superseded the old one on Monday 15th September 2008.

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