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DUSCR posed naked for the Durham University Charities Komittee (DUCK) calendar 2006. Although the picture was featured on the back of the calendar, they also made their way into the Ringing World.

Brian Spurling writes...
It is with great pride that I claim responsibility for being the driving force behind this fantastic expression of DUSCR's less... ahem... 'conservative' side. I would like to extend my deepest and most heartfelt thanks to the brave participants who, as they are no doubt aware, now find themselves the subject of much attention and finger-pointing in every tower from Inverness to Dunedin

But enough! here they are in all their glory, may they live-on in infamy as the keenest DUSCR members in the society’s long and (not so much anymore) distinguished history

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Judith: "Some ears are more sensitive to sex than others."