Grace Church, Truro

Many Christians operate with a dualistic mind-set, drawing a sharp distinction between the “sacred” and the “secular”, or the “spiritual” and the “natural”. This mind-set is often especially prevalent among Christians working in the sciences. Many find it difficult to make the connections between living Christ-centred lives and working within a scientific paradigm. Other Christians drift into the sciences unthinkingly: it’s not that they find it difficult to make these connections; it’s just that they’ve never really tried.

At Grace Church Truro we have enjoyed hearing from members of the congregation about how their Christian faith interfaces with their experience of working in the sciences. We have hired a skilled videographer who has worked with four members of the church in both their homes and places of work. Videos have been completed for a senior church leader and theologian who has a background in the biological sciences, the Head of Biology at a leading independent school in the Southwest and a third year Biology undergraduate studying in Falmouth with Exeter University. A fourth video with a trainee doctor at Cornwall’s largest hospital is nearing completion.

Phase two of the project is now underway as we develop our church website to include a dedicated feature that communicates how faith in Christ connects with every area of life. While progress on this aspect of the project has been slower than expected, we have begun working with a local web designer who has particular expertise in working with churches.