“MES-AI Church” – Croxley Green Baptist Church, Hertfordshire

MES-AI Church aims to stimulate a dialogue on increasingly important areas of robotics and artificial intelligence in the life of local churches and their communities.  Developing from a previous “Scientists in Congregations” project – The Bible Readings Fellowship “Messy Church Does Science” – it will enable children and adults to explore the creativity of science and technology, alongside exploring what robotics and artificial intelligence might say about humanities relationship with God.

MES-AI Church is a pilot project run at Croxley Green Baptist Church led by Messy Churches Does Science’s, “Dr Dave” and members of the church involved in the IT industry.  Based around Lego MINDSTORM, a programmable form of the popular Lego Technic often used school STEM activities, in afternoon workshops shaped by Messy Church’s ethos of hospitality, creativity and celebration, families with children aged 10-13 with an interest in AI will build robots that can respond to a series of challenges. Alongside developing skills in programming and experience of the principles and potential of AI, the project will engage with theological and ethical questions that AI raises and provide a vehicle for people of all ages to explore their own faith, spirituality and engagement with God.  Material for the workshops will be published on the Bible Reading Fellowship in early 2020.