Our Vision

This project is underpinned by the conviction that the biblical narrative sees science as a gift. A key component to equipping religious leadership will be humble and joyful confidence rather than a sense of threat in the face of new directions in scientific research.

Our ultimate aim in this project is positively to influence the culture of all levels of leadership in the church in this country in relation to science – equipping leaders to understand both the opportunities and challenges that they face in an age of science.

The project is supported and informed by on-going original, empirical research into the way church leaders relate to science.

Residential conferences allow us to work with strategically targeted groups of church leaders to increase confidence, excitement and a sense of relevance about the big questions of science itself, introducing them to cutting edge scientific developments from physics to neuroscience. Further these conferences introduce fresh avenues of theological and practical theological and ethical investigation.

Our partnership with the Church of England’s Mission and Public Affairs Division of the Archbishops’ Council enables us to collaborate in identifying areas where leaders require resourcing for their work in the public eye.

Our theological training materials bring those same questions to the church leaders of the future as they reflect on the church’s future ministry and mission.

Our ‘Scientists in Congregations’ awards scheme extends these vital themes to the learning and worshipping lives of congregations in this country.